Word to Freedom, Nov 30, 2016


Well that was a hell of a month!

November 2016 saw the U.S. Presidential elections take place, we witnessed massive protests against the collective system and we watched as the corporate state struck back!  The past month saw an insufferable dictator die, world financial markets crash and all of our media come under fire for being everything from simple distortions to outright fabrication.

The ‘legendary revolutionary and orator’ of Cuba, as Justin Trudeau remembers him, Fidel Castro passed away at the age of 90 this past week.  Castro who served as dictator over the Island nation of Cuba for close to 50 years was a long time friend of ex Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and apparently left an impression upon the young Justin.

Castro who led a revolution against the U.S. backed government of Cuba in the 1950’s is praised by Justin Trudeau and a few others as being the mighty socialist who brought his people out of bondage and into the light.  The fact that a socialist style system was developed under the Castro regime which lifted Cuba out of their previous darker state of oppression, is no rational for excusing the brutal iron hand leadership for which Fidel excelled!

Mr. Trudeau has since come under fire from Canadians, Americans and Cubans for his remarks and may be the single biggest wake up call Mr. Potato has had yet!  Hopefully he’ll realize that his honeymoon in La la land is over and no hot yoga moves for the camera can excuse for him having poutine for brains.  Let’s hope our Prime Minister wakes up and instead of celebrating Castro actually step up and support the people of Cuba!  Canada and the U.S. need to act quickly and really begin to help the people of Cuba to start picking up the pieces!

Our Poutine Minister was busy traveling the globe this past month, with stops in Lima, Peru, Madagascar and Cuba.  While in Lima, Peru Mr. Trudeau Attended the APEC summit where leaders were gathered to discuss the anticipated collapse of the much disputed Trans Pacific Partnership (T.P.P.) now that the U.S. presidential election has been finalized.  Although, even with the heavy handed approach to his election platforms regarding trade, U.S. President -elect Donald Trump has been quick in recent days to backtrack on many if not all of his campaign promises.

Perhaps the T.P.P. is still a go??

Now I think it’s fair to say that most of the leaders gathered at the APEC summit (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) are going to be disappointed at the failure of the TPP!
I say this because the deal was written to favor the strength of corporate power and the power the corporation has over government.  It can be said that Mr. Trudeau who enjoys spending taxpayers money like it’s his personal trust account was spotted in Madagascar for the summit of Francophone leaders!  Le Justin was apparently wined and dined out, this time with a bill to the tune of $140 million (all for a good cause of course).  This generosity comes on the heels of our $25 million donation to Palestine and opposition party claims that Trudeau is more interested in hanging out with Billionaires than representing the needs of average Canadians.

Now I don’t really have a problem with Canada being generous with the needy but I do have a problem with associating myself with a hypocritical government by nature of being Canadian.  I do not consent to supporting the needs of suppressed nations and groups in the middle east and in Africa while Canada continues to support regimes and governments that condemn those same people to death.

Hillary Clinton, who lost the U.S. Election to Donald Trump apparently did so even though she won the majority of the popular vote.  Not taking the defeat sitting down or sober Mrs. Clinton simply refuses to go peacefully into the night and recently backed a measure to recount the votes with the help of Green Party leader Jill Stein.  Hillary in true political form, who cheated that other guy out of the Democratic Party nomination is quicker to blame Russia or the F.B.I. for her defeat than take any form of personal responsibility!

Don’t worry Hillary, Obama or Trump will pardon your crimes in the name of National security a whole lot quicker than they will people like Snowden, Assange or Chelsea Manning!

Speaking of the Trumpster, he won the election and even after all those recounts is still coming out on top!  As I have publicly stated I only support his election in the face that we cannot sustain another 4 years of the Clinton, Bush, Obama dynasty which has ruled us all of nearly 3 decades!  Trump who is proving himself to be as dirty as a politician as the best of them is with every passing day entrenching himself to continue the policies of the previous dynasty if not for the odd twitch.  With an Administration appointees list mirroring anything but real change, Mr. Trump is seemingly making it easy for us to spot the ideological similarities between him and Hillary.

Perhaps this is because Mr. Trump is, despite his brash personality is himself controlled by the same elite forces that wish to impart their will upon the World?  Or maybe not! Remember Mr. Trump wants to drill for Oil in America and lessen American dependence upon Foreign Oil!  Yet we’ll probably watch as he drills the shit out of nature reserves on U.S. soil and continues to slick his hair with Saudi crude!

Perhaps all the worldwide protests and riots over his election are justified (although not the violence)!  You can be sure that Alternative media will be all over Mr. Trump if he continues to back the same establishment he was elected to flush out!

And then there’s the issue of Standing Rock!  Apart from the native tensions and all the rights and treaties and private property issues involved what makes this white man’s blood boil is the use of unregistered force upon the protesters.  This good people is what we can all expect in the future under the continued Trump, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Rothschild, Soros, Rockefeller Imperial DynastyGUARANTEED!  Civil rights are being washed away by a water hose on a cold November night and all righteous screams are being drowned out by a sound canon pointed at your face!  What will come of this, I fear nothing good as December 5th is apparently the day the protesters are being evicted!

So in conclusion, the World and our simple nation of Canada is quickly sinking into a political mire which muddies boots and generally brings out the worst taste in all things!  As proof to this claim I offer the aroma of the WTF ‘fartgate‘ scandal!  This stinky affair may just be a fancy perfume to cover the real lingering stench of our governments indecisiveness on issues such as military projects, infrastructure, our crumbling economy and political reform.  The idea is our corporate/government media is once again channeling our attention away from urgent matters with petty affairs, hoping that our short fluoride fueled attention spans will never catch up.

If you haven’t figured that out already, I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s all fake!

That’s right good people, everything you read on the internet is fake unless you personally did the research or the science involved with the conclusions!  To be clear, all knowledge based on internet viewing is simply FAKE!  After all Wikileaks, We are Change,  R.T. and Facebook or other forms of social media where opinions posted cannot possible have the credence of a masters degree or any semblance of journalistic or personal integrity. So please fear going to the doctor or dentist, run from that nurse, lawyer or mechanic all of whom depended greatly upon the internet for their education…  Seriously though, Facebook posts a lot of opinions and fake news but it is also a good source of reliable information due to the nature of it’s very design, it focus’ the stream.

So remember the next time you read about a plane crash, don’t believe it… Quickly run out and rent a plane and travel to the crash site to see for yourself if the plane actually crashed!  That is the only way you can be sure the news isn’t fake!

Perhaps more people should have done this in Shanksville???

And that’s my Word to Freedom this month, till next time, Peace!

Oh, and feel free to check out my new addition to the WAM lineup, the Garage Report!





































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