Word to Freedom, Oct 31/2016

Here we are at the end of October 2016 in the mist of changing seasons, both environmental and political.  Early next month the great nation to the south, the United States of America will head to the polls and decide which puppet candidate will captain their ship for the next four years.  As you may have guessed the focus of this months WTF report will focus primarily upon the election this November 8th, an election which may be the most important election in the history of mankind.

I make the statement ‘the most important election in the history of mankind’ only because the present political landscape of the entire world is currently held hostage by the political decisions of the United States of America.  I make the statement that the candidates are puppets based upon the undeniable evidence that the current political landscape in the United States of America is a facade for decisions based upon interests which overshadow those of the common government.

I have been following the American election system since Jimmy Carter won the election against Gerald Ford in 1976.  I remember the feeling around the election was one of mistrust in the system, a system where the vice President Gerald Ford became President upon the resignation of President Nixon.  I remember the feeling of fear surrounding where the policies of the U.S. would take the world if Ford was re-elected!  I remember well the conversations (I was nine years old) that Ford who was appointed President only as a default, arising from the offensive framework of a proven corrupt political office would and could only represent the exact same principals.

(A lesson we should look at closely even today)!

This was before a more mature view of the political hierarchy was introduced on mass, before the internet, before people really began waking up to the two party paradigm.  Yes, I remember well the feeling of relief when Carter was elected and war or ‘nuclear war‘ was somehow temporarily avoided for a little while longer.  I have felt this same sense of absolutes every single U.S. election since and have grown to understand that no matter how an election unfolds the same turmoils roll around again by the next one.

Well this time we are facing the possible election of a career politician well versed in the role of government and an entrepreneur in business who in not proven in the political arena.  The problem is both are proven to be corrupt at their preferred games and neither can be trusted with power.  Both are set to replace the incumbent President who is mired so deep in corruption and scandal that any temporary relief from him will be welcome by many.  So as important as this election is, whoever wins is not really as important as people finally wake up to the fact that either side represents the same forces and real change must come ultimately from somewhere else.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party candidate who basically represents everything wrong with the political system since the days of Nixon. She is the system’s pick for President because she is the system personified.  Now at the beginning I liked the Clintons with their easy going southern charm, ever since Bill Clinton defeated the war monger incumbent George Bush Sr. in 1992.  I will also admit I am a huge supporter for the candidacy of a Woman for President, this doesn’t however mean I want to see Hillary win just because she’s a woman.  Yet the Clinton’s were instrumental in my eventual understanding that no matter how good the apple looks on the outside it can still be rotten to the core!

The Republican choice for Presidential candidate is Donald Trump (Trump meaning little fart in old English).  Donald Trump was the surprise nomination considering he was the only one running who wasn’t a politician, yet he cinched the top spot due to his enormous popularity from reality T.V.  Now honestly I have always liked the T.V. Trump and found him to be ‘entertaining’ and however transparent his narcissistic, sexist tendencies are, he represents the capitalist, plain and simple. Now Mr. Trump being the successful billionaire and business person that he is cannot be granted instant immunity from obvious connections to the same establishment that he claims to be running against!

I will admit however that if Trump does get elected they will be dropping the ball big time if they don’t make his Presidency a reality T.V. show!  They could call it “The President‘ and follow him around on his daily mundane tasks (like feeding the dogs or milking the goats), heck he could even fire the odd chambermaid for laughs or have the White-House prep cooks deported for being illegals!  Hear that NBC, I thought of it first… jk!

Okay so enough with the chewing the fat and down to the meat!  With this election heating up, this October was like a stew slowly cooking with a heavy dose of Wikileaks spice.  Wikileaks, the popular non profit publishing organization headed by Julian Assange has been front and center in the news this past month as expected.  Wikileaks has been and continues to release information almost daily regarding Hillary Clinton upon a host of topics concerning allegations of her illegal activity during her past 300 years in public office.  Wikileaks however hasn’t really released much concerning Donald Trump as I suspect his e-mails, servers and accountants are all buried in concrete under a Las Vegas hotel or two!

I mean can you really blame Julian Assange for his rapid fire approach to warning the public regarding Hillary Clinton’s suspected criminal activity while actively/ openly/ willingly calling for his assassination with drones!  I have a tiny feeling that Julian Assange really doesn’t like Hillary all that much and would prefer someone else winning the U.S. election.
Ironically the FBI is investigating Mrs. Clinton upon concerns of their own regarding leaks of ‘Classified‘ information being transferred over non government secured internet servers kept secret by the Clinton crew.  Thousands of e-mails were hacked from these systems resulting in the Wikileaks connection yet the Clinton twist has been to focus upon who hacked them, not the content of the hacks!  As if Bill Clinton wasn’t enough of a problem for Hillary in this election, I wonder if she’s planning on drone bombing him to???

With the election almost here and a fresh FBI investigation into Hillary’s e-mail scandal afoot the world is holding it’s breath if not it’s Weiner because it’s really anybodies game.  The World is really, truly a giant mess right now, even Donald Trump is concerned that even though he is probably going to win the popular vote, he will still lose the election due to the fact that the entire system is rigged.  Well Donald you’re probably not half wrong on that one bud!  Hillary could easily still be voted in with some strange voting machine meltdown or an asteroid strike/ space weapon emergency or the electoral college will just vote her in.
The World is really truly a big mess right now!  With important election issues such as the TPP (supposedly) being held in the balance big corporations are quickly setting the stage for what we can certainly expect in the future.  Take for instance the corporate police force arresting journalists, raining down rubber bullets, releasing dogs and sound cannons upon the water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota!  Bloody hell if this isn’t what we can all expect when we don’t spend our monthly quota on toilet paper from Walmart in 2017!  What in the hell are we going to do if we don’t try to stand up against these absolute fascists and at the very least document it now?

And the winner of the ‘WTF’ moment of the month goes to the Buffalo at Standing Rock, they know what’s going on better than Hillary or Trump!

Oh that’s not all what is wrong with the world today, Saudi Arabia was voted a seat on the U.N. human rights council again, replacing Russia who is still under fire for everything including Donald trump!  So glad a country such as Saudi Arabia is so revered, who dumps the U.S. dollar along with politically challenged China this past month!  Saudi Arabia, who whips atheists into believing in God and tosses Gays at Hillary and money off the roof tops… or is that backwards??

And on a final note I couldn’t just leave you this month without a shout out to our very own pumpkin eating Prime Minister, you know the guy we elected via a proxy vote (not a vote directly for)!  I believe the similarities between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau are fairly close considering both men will have the disdain for their opposition to directly thank for their election, not due to any substance they actually convey!

As an example, this past month Mr. Trudeau introduced a new Carbon Tax upon the nation of Canada.  This new tax went against everything he campaigned for by placing untold amounts of new debt upon the shoulders of the regular Joe serf.  Mr. Trudeau promised to work with the Provinces and work out a deal which best suited the nation but instead went ahead with the typical globalist think tank approach.  I really hope petitions such as the one I came across asking for people to support in Treason charges being applied to Mr. Trudeau come into being before he Drone bombs us!

At least Trudeaus plane didn’t crash on the way to sell off more of Canadian interests in Europe with CETA this past week!  I hate the guy politically but don’t want to see him actually die or anything… I’m not Saudi or Hillary or anything!

Till next time… if there is a next time…


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