Word to Freedom, Sept 30/16

This marks my 13th monthly article I’ve written for World Alternative Media under the
title ‘Word to Freedom’.  I actually wrote 24 previous articles called ‘In the News’ for Winnipeg Alternative Media but decided to change it up when the new World Alternative Media web page came about!  Honestly I like the new format, which is exactly like the old format except for the title.  The bonus is the title gives me the opportunity/liberty to label specific events I write about as ‘WTF’ moments (‘what the fuck’… if you didn’t figure it out), it’s kinda a gimmick.

Again, I was honestly considering (seriously considering) ending this blog with my last article but September of this year has been really interesting (news wise) and with the U.S. election coming up I’m not sure if I want to stop blogging… just yet.
‘The Thing Is’…
Honestly I kinda enjoy writing for WAM (and creating artwork for it) even though very few actually read my reports!  I guess 82.6% of the reason I spend so much time compiling and organizing information to present is that maybe someone else will become inspired to write for our alternative media site as well???  Perhaps next time I scribble on word-press for Forestfirepress or WAM it will be under a different mantle, one that gives me even more liberty??

You see, in the last couple of paragraphs I was already more honest than Hillary or Donald were in the entirety of the first Presidential debate of 2016 just the other night!

Honesty is a goal which isn’t always easy to attain, which is why alternative media such as World alt or Winnipeg alt are so important!  Both venues try to offer a glimpse of what the main stream media has lost, a drive to present the truth in media as best as it can be represented.  It was evident during the Presidential debate just how dishonest the main stream media has become due to the sponsored and partisan nature of the business.
Is it then hypocritical to ask for donations to keep WAM alive, not in my opinion if the goal remains the honest approach.

So September of 2016 came about with a bang as Space X demonstrated flawlessly with their failed attempt to launch a Falcon 9 rocket!  Another re-usable booster rocket, loaded with a satellite designed and funded by Facebook and it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg who was planning to use the satellite for supplying internet service to parts of Africa apparently wasn’t impressed with the mission’s outcome.  Elon Musk who heads Space X and Tesla motors isn’t letting that stop his enthusiasm, as he this past week announced his hopes of colonizing Mars!  Personally I think space exploration is crucial to the evolution of our species and could perhaps even save our planet from ourselves!

So I applaud Elon Musk for his ambition and vision if not the fireworks!

That is if the Aliens let us off the ground, right???

Canada’s own Super Hero Justin Trudeau was in Hangzhou, China for the G20 at the beginning of the month arriving there on the back of Iron Man himself!  Mr. Trudeau who was representing Canada’s weakening economic outcome managed to broker some 56 trade deals worth upwards of a $Billion!  What the true cost of these deals in Canadian sovereignty or Corporate control over our government is yet to be seen.  We can be sure  with the TPP on the horizon Mr. Trudeau had his head in the clouds right alongside Tony Stark.

According to reports our Prime Minister  took the time to confront the Chinese on their human rights deficiencies while avoiding admitting Canadian shortcomings on the same topic…  Ohhh Gordon Downie Jr. will be sooo disappointed!  Then like a true anti-hero, leaping over tall buildings Super Justin flew onward to the U.N. to plead the liberal fifth and after that returned to Hogwarts!

Yet Mr. Trudeau wasn’t the only politician on the hot seat at the G20, U.S. President Barrack Obama had his own nemeses to face.  China who shoulders much of the U.S. debt with their deflated economy was quick to point out to overzealous American journalists exactly who’s country they were visiting.  The journalists were attempting to leave their designated vantage point at the Chinese airport when authorities stopped them fast in their tracks!  I guess the Chinese don’t trust American journalists, hey I thought there was freedom of the press in China???

It was then that President Obama and his long standing rival President Putin of Russian bear wrestling fame both made kissy faces at each other and talked about vodka and Obama’s upcoming retirement.  Well to be honest nobody is sure what they actually talked about (if anything really, I think they fucken hate each other) because all e-mail transactions between the parties have since disappeared.

Just look at Syria where both the U.S. and the Russians are actively involved in either dismantling or propping up of any number of pro-Assad government, or rebel fractions.  With recent talks taking place to reach an agreement upon who or whom not to arm or bomb the situation in Syria couldn’t get any more confusing (or is it???).  On September 4/16 we saw the super powers sit down to make attempts at working out some sort of a truce deal which by the time September 10th rolled around seemed very promising.  Yet by the 17th of September it seems the United Nations was holding emergency sessions because the U.S. and her allies
(as the reports go) began openly bombing Syrian government forces.

Turkey in it’s own effort to support NATO with its mission fighting ISIS/ISIL and at the same time help ISIS/ISIL combat NATO forces in Syria was busy this past month with reports of military gains in the city of Raqqa.  Turkey who has a schizophrenic history  in the region and conflict cannot be judged to harshly considering recent computer hacks tracked down the headquarters of ISIS/ISIL to the British Government in some London Basement.

literally ‘WTF’!

Then there was the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

Remember those pages in that report recently made public that pointed fingers at Saudi Arabia in taking some of the responsibility of 9/11?  Well those papers paved the way for a Bill which would allow legal action against the nation of Saudi Arabia for the victims of 9/11 families.  One can only assume that the Saudis were pretty pissed because it pushed them into claiming publicly that 9/11 was an inside job!!!  Remember the power that Saudi Arabia has over our North American governments, remember how many weapons we sell them!!!

So considering the Saudis control major political interests in the U.S. they were putting pressure on the U.S. to Kill the Bill.  Apparently Obama afraid of loosing the cheap oil and I guess having the entire 9/11 lie blow up in his face before the Federal election in November put forth a veto on that Bill to prevent it from happening!  Well guess what… This month members from Congress and the Senate blocked the Presidential veto re-instating it to its intended purpose!

Some lies topple like building stuffed full of explosives!

Well it appeared this September that the war for oil has truly moved to our very own backyard.  In Standing Rock, North Dakota, America, US of A where protesters have gathered to protest a pipeline that is running through Aboriginal land.
Well I guess it’s all Aboriginal land but pipelines are none the less an ecological hazard!
If this example of corporate greed is what we can expect with all the pipelines aimed at being built in Canada in the next few years you’re going to see all the Amy Goodman’s of Canada get either arrested or have the dogs sent after them!

Absolutely disgusting abuse of authority!

This leaves us with a quick review of the Presidential debate where Hillary after presumably winning over the Donald using a more cleverly concocted facade than a first date with her husband Bill!  Hillary guilty of god knows how many crimes lied again and again in typical political polished fashion.
She is sooo good at the polish I bet even Bill hasn’t been able to touch her in thirty years!
Trump on the other hand is just as good with making his lies sound like the truth because he honestly believes them, that everyone thinks he’s on coke!

What a crazy time to be a lie… I mean alive…. honesty baby, honesty

That’s my Word to Freedom for September!


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