WTF, May 31, 16

The word liberty is something that I have definitely heard pop up a few more times this past month than usual!
Liberty in regards to freedom of speech and expression, liberty in relationship to personal health choices such as what we decide to put inside our bodies (or not) and liberty in terms of how it is literally dying in front of our eyes.

Literally, liberty is defined as: The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behavior or political views.  That being said you would think that one would have to really struggle to find examples of true liberty in Canada considering practically everything we do from birth to death is ladened with restrictions imposed by authority.  While in the Republic of the United States of America where liberty and its definition is encoded upon the very DNA of every man, woman and child, in Canada our Charter of Rights and Freedoms insures that the terminology used is underscored with the polite reminder of restriction.

*Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

The good thing about this is we do as Canadians have a right to Life and Liberty, that is until someone re-defines ‘fundamental justice’ as an excuse to impose authority upon every aspect of a person’s life or behavior!  Now no one is arguing that anyone should be able to do whatever they want if said actions bring harm to another, in fact in our society you cannot even bring harm onto yourself without legal consequences.  The argument lies within the context that the constant re-definition of what implies fundamental justice and how those definitions are being largely re-written in the best interest of our corporately controlled government.

This brings us to the first order of business in this month’s WTF blog ‘freedom of speech’ in terms of political protest.
This last May saw some pretty good protests around the world including right here in Winnipeg.  Steven Stairs a local political activist and sometimes political candidate led a rally today in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  The aim of the protest was to draw attention to the inaction of the Liberal party and Mr. Trudeau in regards to Cannabis legalization.

Mr. Stairs is right, it’s time to end the legal lies!

Considering most of the time when you approach a political leader and ask respectful questions they tend to either ignore you or walk/run away as World Alternative media’s Josh Sigurdson’s has demonstrated over and over again!  Ironically it really does seem that the governments around the world act the way they do to encourage political protest??

At least in Canada political protest is legal and if conducted in a peaceful/respectful manner shouldn’t be a problem, even though it sometimes legally requires the proper permits or notification!  Unfortunately what one has come to expect these days when one attempts to protest anything political is the kind of reaction that Canada’s very own Kevin Vickers of Parliamentary fame delivered this past week in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr. Vickers, former Sergeant at Arms of the House of Commons who many paint as the exemplary model of a hero once again donned the Steven Seagal trench-coat of invincibility and leaped fearlessly into action to quench all possibility of free speech.  To be fair the protest wasn’t the best possible thought out method to voice political disapproval (by disrupting a service to honor fallen soldiers)!  Mr. Vickers who was in my opinion awarded the high position of Ambassador to Ireland to keep him as far away from Canadian politics as possible… again with all fairness… acted only within the limitations that his 40 years of anti protester/anti 2 dimensional thought/pro puppet police/military training allowed him to do.

This story is easily the winner of my WTF moment of the month!

In terms of political dissidence, free speech is an important tool which can permit even the most quiet of voice a platform from which to be heard!  This is why it is feared and for it to be continually silenced under the conditions of violence only speaks to the preferred anti-democratic method of today’s governmental systems and does not hold true to democracy.  I guess it’s too bad that the assemblage of modern man is now being conditioned through the main stream media to believe that everyone and every thought that is outside of the politically correct viewpoint is something to be feared.

From the political riots in France to the political strife In South America, today, around the world we are witnessing political upheaval and protests in unprecedented fashion and form. In Venezuela protests have turned into mass hysteria and for the average citizen the struggle for survival is now paramount.  The Oil rich and oil dependent country which has prospered in the recent past is now suffering from what many claim to be low oil prices and inflation!  Yet Venezuela is a nation which has been struggling under constant revolution between socialist ideals of the working poor and the Oligarchy of the western backed political leaders for decades… well I guess socialism is to blame once again.

Lets have a quick look at Brazil where the acting President Ms Dilma Rousseff is facing impeachment charges due to the misappropriation of political funds.  It isn’t unexpected really that in a country famous for political corruption we find this kind of leadership, I mean this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in Western nations!  Yet with U.S. backed and trained puppets all set to replacing the present political leadership I find it hard not to question the validity of the impeachment charges towards Ms. Rousseff.  With the 2016 Summer Olympics quick to take place in Brazil (this summer??), I am wondering if this isn’t somehow all connected???

Worldwide we find our basic human liberties continuously under fire from those whom claim to know better.  In the hallways of any political office or hospital you will find the growing and endless chatter concerning doctor assisted suicide.  Now despite the humanitarian claims from those such as Adam Maier-Clayton, the idea of doctor assisted suicide has again proven the government has major control issues regarding the fact that our liberty indeed includes our personal right to die.

It is an unfortunate truth that some people are indeed suffering and some from disabilities and illnesses where the helplessness is indeed their reality, no matter what anybody thinks, including the governmental powers who think they know best.  As much as I disagree with the helplessness that many feel is rational in ending their life it is still their life!  I am no stranger to suicidal ideology myself (but if I commit suicide, remember, the government did it)!

Isn’t this the basic right of liberty, the right to choose and take responsibility over these decisions which may hold life or death consequences over our own life?

Is this all really just a problem of too much government intervention upon our basic liberties???

I wonder, what can be the solution???

Lets look at the term liberty and how it relates to what we do to our bodies, say in terms of what we ingest for nutrition or medicine.  Now many eat healthy and many do not, yet it is still in today’s society the norm to be judgmental over others eating/health habits but it is not yet the law to dictate to others what they eat.  Through government intervention upon our liberties those that enjoy sugar and sweets will be mandated to eventually pay extra for those treats to help pay for the costs of foreseeable medical treatment… fair enough I guess.  Liberties such as the right to choose what we put into our bodies (such as candy or say… CANNABIS medical or not) is as big of a problem as the Government withholding our liberty in choosing what we do not want to put into our bodies!!

Soon GMO Salmon will be introduced into the food markets unbeknownst to the average consumer thanks to our government believing they again know what is best!  Even though GMO is now rampant within the foods we purchase from the super markets we as consumers are largely unaware of the true extent of this practice because the government refuses to require proper labels for these products.  The science behind GMO food production has many pros and cons yet what remains is the question of liberty and our right to be responsible for ourselves in what we ultimately decide to do with our lives.

As if it’s an indication of our discord, many thousands of people around the world again took part in the annual March Against Monsanto this past month!  Those marchers were joined by the good people of WAM and many more Manitobans who share their distaste of the Corporation’s trench coat like invincibility at this years protest in downtown Winnipeg!
Check out this years coverage of the March Against Monsanto by WAM, here!

I wished to cover many more news stories in this article, from local elections and economics to forest fires, hostages and foreign trade deals, all of them equal in importance but unfortunately I simply have run out of time!

And that is my Word to Freedom for this May, 2016.



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