WTF, March 31, 2016

Welcome good people, to the first ever spring edition of Word to Freedom!

This March was a very busy month full of happenings from around the globe, around the country and from right here in our own backyard!  So I best not waste any more time and get straight to the point!

In March we saw Russia broker a cease fire in the war torn nation of Syria while at the same time begin withdrawing their military forces from that region.  This move has dramatically reduced the tensions in Syria even though many military strategists claim any Russian military move is at best a smoke screen for future posturing.  A claim which is supported by the fact that Russia will keep an active Air field and Naval base in Syria.

The conflict which has been ongoing for around 5 years is thought to have been made worse through Russia’s involvement, even though Russia was asked to intervene by the Government of Syria.  However it could be argued that the success of the Russian military operations within Syria are the reason why this new cease fire has thus far been maintained.  It could also be argued that those who are quick to point out Russia’s involvement as a detriment could be those who support the continuation of the obvious aggressive regime change strategy of the West.

With a shocking but hardly surprising new report on causalities within Iraq coming to light this past month, it is with my out most hope that any cease fire within Syria be maintained as long as possible.  The report issued by the United Nations notes at least 3,841 were killed and 1,606 were wounded across Iraq during February.  The breakdown consisted something like this, 345 civilians, 524 security personnel and 2,903 militants were killed with another 605 civilians, 217 security personnel and 190 militants injured.  The report continued to state that the U.N. itself suffered an additional 410 civilian and 260 military deaths and 1,050 civilians and 240 security personnel injured.

Also this March in the tasty middle eastern Nation of Turkey or as many are now calling them the Rogue State of Turkey.  The unrest within Turkey stems from questions concerning which side the government of Turkey is supporting in the Syrian conflict.  Recent allegations have been made against the Turkish government regarding the purchase of illegal oil from ISIS/ISIL terrorists while assisting them on the battlefield.  This comes at the same time Turkey is asking NATO for support with their growing conflict with Russian fighter jets patrolling Syria.

The government of Turkey has also been reportedly been oppressing the official government opposition who are openly against the corruption and support of terrorism, this crackdown is including the western style free media within Turkey.

Are we seeing the start of another civil war, this time within Turkey?

The middle east isn’t the only global hotspot for governmental unrest and overall drama!  This past month in Brazil there was plenty of sunshine, tanned bottoms and also political intrigue!  In what looked like a beautiful day at the beach hundreds of thousands gathered to protest the government of Brazil, all of whom supporting the ousting of their President Dilma Roussef.  Citing general discord over corruption and the poor economic situation of the country, the protestors have been calling for the removal of their female President for over a year.  Perhaps supporters of Hilary Clinton should take note that the election of a female President may not be a guarantee a sunny day at the beach!

Across the Pacific Ocean, over the nuclear mess that is Fukushima we land on the mainland of North Korea and a different type of nuclear meltdown.  The dictator leader guy of N.K. has been busy launching missiles, loosing submarines and jailing tourists for 15 years to hard labour camps for crimes of petty theft!  This is nothing out of the ordinary for North Korea to be sure!  This time the claims of the North are that it has developed a new missile system which will give the U.S. nightmares as well as the cure for cancer and the invention of socks that never get wet!  The U.S. responded by demonstrating its continued ability to launch nuclear missiles at who ever they want with the test firing of a Minute man 3 ICBM out of Vanderberg Air force base in California.

Funny, I thought Seth Rogen took care of that North Korean dictator in his last movie, The Interview!

The news out of the States this past month continues to revolve around the upcoming Presidential election and Donald Trump.  Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio dropped out of the race after a devastating loss in his own home State to Mr. Trump despite the fact that literally half of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. live in Florida.
We all know that Mr. Trump has a questionable character and each time he opens his mouth he says something which offends someone, so it came as no surprise that this past week he did it again.  In a statement on an interview Mr. Trump claimed that women who get abortions under his presidency will be punished, I assume he was talking about jail time!
Is it any wonder why the internet vigilante group ‘Anonymous’ this past month declared ‘total war’ upon Mr. Trump and all his dealings, I suspect we will soon know if The Donald really wears a rug!

On the Democratic side of the U.S. Presidential race we still have the mediocre Clinton vs Sanders race!  In what amounts to as much excitement as medication time at a nursing home the democratic race is gearing up for the big primary in CaliforniaSupporters on both sides of this contest appear as fundamentally opposite of each other as possible and I wonder if they will do to the Democratic party what Donald Trump is doing to the Republican one… tearing it apart from the inside.

In the WTF moment of the month U.S. President Barrack Obama actually won the Nobel peace prize for the second time!!  The outgoing President then took the time to visit Cuba in a last minute effort to improve relations between their nations before the end of his final term.  In the historic visit President Obama met with Raul Castro and danced with some of the locals much to the scorn of Fidel Castro who was apparently less than impressed with the whole show.

This past month Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was honored by with a gala dinner at the White house.  During the massively expensive outing Mr. Obama discussed plans of moving to Canada when Donald Trump gets elected and other state secrets such as UFO disclosure, who shot JFK and the truth behind 9/11.  Actually all they talked about was Hockey because that is all the outgoing POTUS is authorized to talk to Canada about…
I think Obama’s actually going to move to Cuba if trump gets elected.

In Canada this past month we saw the Trudeau government release their 2016 Budget.  Described as ‘overflowing with risk’ the new Canadian budget ironically looks a lot like my financial plan for this coming year (minus a few billion dollars that is).  With a shortfall of about $30 Billion dollars (or $50Billion U.S. dollars) the Trudeau government has given up on their election promise that they would only post modest deficits.  Keep in mind that in the first month of the new Trudeau government alone they managed to give away $2.65 Billion to combat climate change in other countries!  Things wouldn’t even seem so bad if the Trudeau government had even the slightest clue what to do to start making our way out of national debt, which obviously Team Trudeau does not.

One would start to think that selling military arms to aggressive nations eager to control the world would be a profitable worthwhile endeavor…  Well we better not legalize Cannabis, that would be evil!

This past month we saw the passing of ex-Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.  Ford was a literal Robin Hood hero type to some and a symbol of power hungry egotism to others!  Mr. Ford is credited with saving the city of Toronto some taxpayer money during his term of service yet no doubt costing them more in loss of investment due to questionable personal ethics.  Yet nobodies perfect and Mr. Ford died way too young from a horrible disease, it’s too bad he didn’t use more of his power to fight for medical marijuana while he was in office instead of just smoking it.

Locally, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bonehead Bowman took front and center as he proudly broke his election promises of not raising taxes… No wait, he did promise to raise taxes and Winnipegers were the boneheads who voted the clown in!  Well they got their wish, Bowman is raising taxes and cutting back on essential services such as policing while claiming it’s not his fault!  Granted the Police department is full of over spending but I doubt laying off the Cadets and have higher paid officers take over their traffic duties will end up being cost effective!

With the new Police headquarters downtown engulfed in the flames of scandal and corruption perhaps Winnipegers will see some satisfaction if the R.C.M.P. end up dragging ex-Mayor Sam Katz through the coals over his apparent involvement, I know I will!

Finally Manitobans are set to return to the polls this coming month and elect or next Provincial government.
With the Provincial deficit at a record high Manitobans can rest assured that by voting for the NDP and the incumbent Premier, Mr. Greg Selinger that he will spare no expense and build more Yurts!  Actually it’s not a bad idea, camping in Yurts is apparently awesome and worth doing but voting for Selinger just to see some positive ideas come to Manitoba campgrounds is really lame.  Sorry Mr. Selinger, if you only answered Josh’s of World Alternative Media question, I might have found some forgiveness for you of being a liar for raising the PST!

I am seriously looking into the Manitoba party and their new political parties policies as a viable alternative!

So, that’s my Word to Freedom this time!
Keep reading the Alternative Media and don’t forget to Vote!!!


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