WTF, June 30, 16

Welcome back good people to World Alternative Media’s very own monthly news recap, Word to Freedom!

With the start of summer we say goodbye to the month of June and jump into July, eagerly anticipating all those warm summer days ahead.  Summer always brings with it many activities and rituals which we all enjoy, things like warm evening walks through the the Forks, backyard barbecues or camping at the lake.  The average persons list of summer time rituals would be extensive but we all have them, in fact for me every season is filled with dozens of crazy old habits.

I intent to kick off this months blog/post by diving straight into the coveted ‘WTF’ moment by reviewing an extremely odd ritual which took place last month in Switzerland for the opening of the new Gotthard base train tunnel.  To be sure the simple feat of drilling under a mountain range to create the world’s longest and deepest tunnel is a great accomplishment!  It is truly an engineering marvel which should be celebrated yet it is the manner in which that celebration took place that is coming into question.  Something which should have equated to a simple grand opening event for politicians and the media literally presented itself straight from the pages of a Superbowl half time show with all the bells and whistles!

Now events such as this Gotthard base tunnel opening strike me as a ritual event not meant for the innocent eyes of the general public!  Now why would anyone hold such an grand spectacle for something as mundane as a train tunnel and who would even conceive of such a thing?  Secret societies who generally practice ritualistic ceremonies such as the well publicized Skull and Bones club and gatherings such as the Bohemian Grove have existed since the dawn of time, one cannot argue this point.  Could it be that the tunnel opening was conducted by a secret society and carried out with intentions of a ritualistic ceremony and if so for what purpose!?!

I have myself looked into the rabbit hole of paganism, druidism, rituals of sacred magicians and sorcery…
I have also a good understanding of most world religions and a grasp on sciences such as physics, nuclear mechanics and psychiatry so I understand some of the finer ritualistic points.  I would even go so far as to say I have a good comprehension of the role that a secret society can play in the manipulation of modern governments using economic strategies created in the corporate boardroom!  What I don’t completely understand is the role of the secret society and the usage of ritualistic ceremony in things such as the Super bowl half time show and now obviously in its usage for things such as the Gotthard base train tunnel grand opening!

What’s next, President Obama will be ritualistically sacrificed by Donald Trump under the Washington monument and everyone will simply brush it off as the passing of the Presidential torch??

Do these guys really believe that the Sun God RA will embody them or their cause with supernatural power so they will be better able to control the masses?  News to you fellows, humanity is already easily manipulated into herd mentality through the nature of our limited energetic resources in gathering attention and no amount of spilt blood will garnish you favor amongst the gods!  Just ask the freaking Aztecs!

Yet secret societies are still surrounding us, they think they control us and our fate through their control over economics and the political arena!  President Eisenhower and President John Kennedy both openly warned of the reality and dangers that these societies posed!

Take for instance the yearly event that is Bilderberg!  This year the Bilderberg meeting (an openly secret society comprised of world elites who gather and discuss political and business agendas) was held in Germany and was ‘surprisingly’ not covered by the main stream media.  This however didn’t stop the regular alternative media crews from attending and attempting to crack any information regarding the event.  Canadian and high commander of Press for truth, Dan Dicks was literally harassed by the German authorities as he attempted to simply browse among the many fleeing attendees.  It’s too bad that the Germans who are no strangers to overly authoritarian rule showed little backbone in resisting the corporate vise and blindly followed their masters orders, much to the bewilderment of Mr. Dicks!

My advice to those ‘regular’ alternative media folks who are finding it harder and harder getting coverage of this event… Wear a disguise!

Here’s the thing, the grip of power that is held against us by corporate and political forces is real, many do not even realize that the European Union was formulated at a Bilderberg conference many years ago!  This past week we saw Great Britain hold a referendum pondering the question of leaving the E.U.  Many did not want to split with the Union which I guess has its advantages, yet the majority of people in England voted to leave because they realize the economic and political hold that the E.U. holds upon them.  The spin you may have heard is that the people of England voted to separate because of immigration and racial issues, I know a few who live across the pond and their word is they are simply more awake than the main stream media represents.

Keep in mind for a moment that the same media which controls the spin is also operated by the corporations and political leaders which hold economic interest in keeping the E.U. together!  These same corporations and political leaders are also attendees of the Bilderberg meetings and are by default members of a secret society!
Who would have thought?

Many do not realize that the European Union makes it’s decisions on policy behind closed doors, it is not a democracy and its leaders are chosen not elected.  The outcome of such dealings will always be public discord and lead directly to situations such as the Brexit vote!  This was not a small event on the world stage to be sure and it was no doubt a hot topic at the Bilderberg meeting!  The Brexit referendum even spelt the doom of a fellow Bilderberger, the PM of England, David Cameron.  Cameron who is leaving politics can take heed that his popularity rivals ex-Canadian PM Stephen Harper!

With the exit of Great Britain from the European Union other European countries are now stirring the same political pot of reform!  Many more nations under the E.U. banner have now openly voiced their own desire to leave!  Countries such as France and even Germany are now stepping forward and demanding that their governments follow the lead of England.  France has this past month undergone some serious riots that some are calling a revolution brought upon by political unrest so serious the mainstream media blackout is almost absolute!  These countries and now some U.S. States including Texas and Hawaii all deserve the right to be independent and free of such complete and utter corporatocracy!

So will our very own Canadian leaders take notice of these world events and not themselves skip on down the path of corporate rule, that is yet to be seen!?!

Come on, of course they are all bought and paid for!  This coming week we’ll watch as Canada and Mexico and the good old U.S. of A. three amigo circus march hand in hand further down the road of the North American Union!  The President of Mexico and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau are already eagerly at the dinner table feasting upon juicy Canadian prime rib which will now soon be processed and sold to Mexicans by Mexicans!  Outgoing U.S. President Obama will attend the meeting, I guess for the extremely expensive meal and a much needed hug!

Canadians should be more aware considering that Prime Minister Trudeau who promised to legalize Cannabis and reform Canadian election rules also promised not to continue down the road of corporate control!

Yeah, good luck with that eh!

So much more to discuss from this past month, from the morally questionable arms sales between Canada and Saudi Arabia and the failing economy to the ever escalating gun violence in the U.S. and how these events are being manipulated into forming public opinion in an alarming ritualistic way!

Unfortunately I am simply out of time!

That’s my Word to Freedom for June, 2016!
Happy Canada Day!


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