WTF, Jan 31, 2016

Hello Good People and welcome back to another edition of Word to Freedom!  I am hoping that wherever you are reading this article from it’s warm and when you look out your window you see palm trees blowing in the wind and the sun is always shining!

You see, World Alternative Media is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where we are deep into the heart of our winter months.  This year however it has not been so unbearable in regards to the weather and lucky for all those new Syrian refugees arriving in Canada recently, we have only had to endure a couple of weeks of really cold air so far!

I wonder sometimes the true nature of climate change!  Is it only a man made construct?  We are no doubt damaging our environment through the usage of carbon based fuels, polluting the water and air with industrial waste and destroying our forests at an unsustainable rate!  My concern is that all of the above is true, yet lingering questions remain in my head like, are there other factors at play?

Other factors to consider such as natural Solar cycles, volcanic activity and  weather modification programs!  When one generally thinks of climate change we think of the Earth warming up.  We think of the Ice caps melting and our coastal cities flooding, our populations starving, cats and dogs living together and everything else zombie apocalypse.  I think today we have to start thinking of it in terms of extreme weather patterns or events.  Climate change was first introduced to the public using the term ‘Global Warming’ but in the years proceeding the panic stage scientists have found that average temperatures have not risen significantly.


When considering climate change these days you really cannot take any of the contributing factors involved for granted and you have to look at everything which can be done to help curb the process.  Stopping wars and reducing pollution, investing in green energies… Ironically investing in Green energies isn’t the direction that Premier Greg Selinger is backing as Manitoba is gearing up to form a stronger link between our Province and Alberta in terms of developing a bigger/better Hydroelectric grid.  Now I’m not against Hydro upgrades or the ability to sell electricity to the States yet I would hope that the citizens of Canada share in those profits, at least in rate reductions and not the continued increases.

Changing our present path on climate change or any other key issue concerning the fate of Mankind like ending wars,  the economy or our love of materialism and supporting the Corporate State is not going to be easy.  This holds true now more than ever as the economy is in the rubbish bin and giant corporations with thanks to legislation such as the T.P.P. and NAFTA are allowed to sue countries for loss of investment or future profit.  Case in point this last month is the lawsuit being filed against the Government of the United States by the Canadian company, TransCanada for it’s losses in relation to snubbed Keystone pipeline.   Now to be fair TransCanada has invested $3Bilion into the project so that $15Billion should cover the costs!

Speaking of the economy, here in Winnipeg City Councillor Russ Wyatt has officially questioned the Cities ability to afford those fancy new $350,000 armored Police vehicles!  Recently purchased by us the tax payer to help keep our men and women in blue safe, these large expensive bullet proof tactical units are meant to be deployed during crises which require such measures… not runs to Timmie’s!  Well whatever happens to these new vehicles at least they won’t have to put those stickers on the license plates anymore!  MPI (Manitoba public insurance) has decided that as of March 1st we will not be required to place insurance stickers on the license plates of our cars, trucks or minimal usage Tanks!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had a good month at it as our CEO.  Flying down to some tropical Island for a lovely little family vacation is a well deserved break, especially considering how hectic these last few months have been for the Trudeaus.  I’m sure we can overlook that he paid for the trip with the public dime, perhaps he was trying to get away from the growing scandal regarding never to be realized campaign pledges such as legalizing cannabis?  Yes we can forgive him, we all knew that the U.S. (trade agreements) would never allow for weed to be legal in Canada and we can all understand that really after all he wants to legalize it, they are just telling him he can’t!

Well at least if cannabis ever truly gets legalized in Canada at least we have Ex-police chief Bill Blair as the Minister  responsible for the regulation and implementation of any new policies concerning the legalization of cannabis.  This may seem like a really WTF decision but Mr. Blair as hard knocks as he can get is an actual proponent of more logical regulations enforcement of current cannabis policies!

Now I’m not sure that the sales of cannabis would help the economy out very much in any event considering that the Government of Canada is 1.3 Trillion dollars in debt, the global stock markets have plunged and investor groups are advising their clients to sell everything!  Our very own Bank of Canada however remains optimistic and is not going to raise our interest rates as the loonie continues to bounce along!  Perhaps the economy would be helped through the notion of providing everyone with a Basic Income as Elizabeth May suggested this past month, or considering nearly half of the worlds money is in the hands of 6 people (or something like that) perhaps we should be looking at other ways to improve our currant situation.

The Government of Canada has won the official WTF moment of the month by deciding it will not cancel an Arms deal with Saudi Arabia, despite that countries insistence upon using execution for political and religious dissidence.  The deal estimated at over $15 Billion represents the largest arms deal in Canada’s history and would make a lot of corporate share holders really rich!!!   Why are not more people crying foul at the prospect of Canada taking part in this deal, it is not that surprising according to  former B.C. Premier Ujjal Dosanjh considering as he puts it a wave of political correctness is damaging the country through the “silencing of most good white men”!

I mean really, what would Saudi Arabia need with a bunch of new fancy weapons anyways???  Saudi Arabia couldn’t possibly be quickly becoming the new Arabic military super power could they, with air strikes in Yemen and their war on human rights! I thought a country with all their oil they wouldn’t need to wage so many different conflicts!

In other news regarding the Middle East and Canadian policies, Canada was shut out of international talks concerning ISIL in an apparent snub by ministers from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands!  I guess they haven’t heard that we are Saudi Arabia’s new BFF!!!

American politics was in fine form this month, everything from Militants taking over government buildings to the antics of the Presidential race.  In Oregon State a group of armed militias actually took over a governmental building in protest that the American government basically sucks, We are Change and other alternative sites are covering the story and doing a great job!  We must always hold our representatives in Government to high standards, standards such as Oregon Fire Chief, Chris Briels does!  Briels who resigned this past week after discovering FBI agents posing as militiamen and was told to back off by his superiors when he tried to investigate the matter.

Yes, False Flags are only a product of the conspiratorial mind!

That’s my Word to Freedom. (since it’s only the 21st I may add to this article as the rest of the month plays out)


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