WTF, April 30, 16

They say April showers, May flowers yet this year what we experienced was more like April blizzards, May Lizards???

Every year at the Narcisse snake pits in Manitoba (Highway #17, 6 kilometres north of Narcisse), thousands of crazy little reptiles slither out from their burrows and thaw out in the warm sunshine.  Yet this year the cool temperatures in April have been unbecoming of our slippery little friends, I am hoping that next month will be different!  I am hoping that with the advent of May will see the days grow longer, the sun grow warmer and all those little snakes will have their chance to party like it’s 1999!

Ironically, April of this year, as cool as she was, was overwhelmed by snakes!  ‘Thousands’ of snakes in the guise of politicians, serpents dressed in fancy suits crawling out of their holes in the ground, selling all their snake like charm!

The story goes like this, the citizens of Manitoba after 300 years of N.D.P. rule stood up against their serpent overlords and threw down the chains which bore so heavy a burden!  Okay, seriously… This past month we saw the Manitoba Provincial elections slither on over the feet of those who cared or noticed.  With a triumphant battle cry the Conservative Party of Manitoba (P.C.), led by soon to be sworn in Premier Mr. Brian Pallister overtook the reigns of power from the beloved reptile Emperor himself, Greg Snake, Greg Slither, Greg…??  Seriously what was his name again???

Speaking of that other forgettable political guy what’s his name

For me, this election was nothing short of a mad clown dentist pulling endless political teeth!  We endured the promises, we endured the crappy anesthesia and endured the same predictable passionless excuses for political rational and public engagement!  We endured all that while the mad clown dentist stood laughing on our chest demanding payment in full for causing far more pain than not!

So all that being said and done, if you got out and voted, good for you!  I hope the thin veneer of political clown makeup didn’t fool you that you had a real choice!  I also hope the April election weather wasn’t too cold for you… Mr. Pallister claims the weather in Costa Rica is plenty warm!

In chilly Saskatchewan where the liberty snakes ride the prairies on the backs of giant ground hogs Premier Brad Wall rode his pony, the Saskatchewan Party through the gates of victory for the third time!  The Saskatchewan Premier who ran on a platform of energy independence is popular among the oil production/pipeline sector in the province and not so popular with our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  Mr. Trudeau who recently spoke at the U.N. in favor of carbon taxes and the endless reduction of energy in an energy dependent civilization was well received by the celebrity audience.  Yes Justin, we are ‘all in this together’ but we are not that interested in another tax!

At a separate event this past month Mr. Trudeau also pledged an additional $42 million dollars in the never ending battle of nuclear security.  I guess the fears are that in our endless drive to sell Canadian mined Uranium to foreign markets some of those minerals will or could be stolen and used to make nasty things like bombs!  It is sad but nuclear energy is crucial to Canada’s energy independence although admitting not the desired approach!
Perhaps that money would be better spent researching new alternative forms of energy production.

Perhaps we should be legalizing hemp Mr. Trudeau???

Speaking of our internationally famed people huger PM Justin Trudeau also spoke out this past month against the terrorist killings of Canadian hostages in the Philippines.  The Canadian John Ridsdel, was beheaded by Abu Sayyaf militants who were demanding a ransom be paid for his release!  Trudeau who fired back that Canada doesn’t negotiate with terrorists because terrorists would only be inspired by such negotiations… No hugs for you!!  Considering that Canada shares a pretty tight immigration/trade bond with the Philippines one would think that leverage into forcing the government of the Philippines to take some action wouldn’t be that hard!

I have always thought in instances such as this Philippines hostage crisis why not just pay the ransom and get the people out of there safely!  Then after the money has been given track it and catch the bad guys, or cancel the transaction because it’s all freaking digital money anyway!  One would think that a predator drone crashing through the roof would be plenty of incentive to not participate in acts of terrorism?

The whole world right now seems on the brink of political turmoil, everywhere I look are examples of countries overrun with thugs or worse, countries questioning their governments or questioning the relevance of their ancient Monarchies.  As an example in Austria where recently held Presidential election saw Donald Trump win the popular vote…. oh sorry my bad, hehehe!  In Austria the Presidential election this past month was won by the ‘Far right Freedom party’ (who have their own idea what freedom means) with their pro gun, anti immigrant and anti European Union policies!

Iceland which has recently gone through their own share of political upheaval was once again shocked as many of their politicians were caught up in the now infamous ‘Panama papers’ scandal!  The people of Iceland took to the streets and demanded that their leaders step down and that was exactly the end result.  The police didn’t jump on protesters beating them and arresting them like in countries such as Canada for protesting the government, what bloody amazing results a little Anarchy can achieve!  With this Iceland in my opinion wins the WTF moment of the month and should stand as an example of how politics and politicians should be controlled!

Speaking of the ‘Panama Papers’… the documents now labeled the ‘Panama Papers’ were released by a German media outlet Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and have gone on this past month to rock the world!  The documents basically list names of politicians and celebrities, bankers and business leaders around the world who all use international tax shelters!
This is not really news, everyone knows this kind of tax dodging has been going on for decades yet with this release of these 11.5 million documents from a Panamanian law firm naming names and pointing fingers shines a new light on the extent of tax evasion!  Dan Dicks of Press for Truth explains it much better than I, have a listen!


Canada in an effort to stem the uncontrollable rates of tax theft have through the efforts of auditors everywhere managed to find a whopping $1.5 Billion dollars from the average Canadian last year!  Or so claims the Canadian Revenue Agency in obvious response to the Panama paper scandal, perhaps it’s all a ruse to send a message to the citizens of Newfoundland!  Newfoundland which actually was discovered a long time ago may soon be practicing cannibalism as their deficit looms close to what I owe my bank!
Pay your taxes you serfs or go swim with the baby seals!!!  That’s a good thing right, catching and squeezing the little guy for every dime, smashing their skulls with clubs while allowing the rich to stash their cash in foreign banks!  According to the economic critic ‘Finance Canada’ Trudeau’s Liberal government and their new tax plan continues to benefit the rich while once again the devolving middle class bears the brunt of the pain!

Senator or Ex-Senator Mike Duffy was cleared on all charges which date back a few years regarding his spending habits.  Mr. Duffy’s lawyer who I believe also got O.J. Simpson off the hook back in the early 90s managed to swing the deal that Mr. Duffy will get back-pay, compensation and free drinks every Tuesday at any bar of his choosing… All on the Tax payers dime!  The Judge in the case agreed and ended the hearing with the questions, ‘What role and responsibility did Prime Minister Harper really have in this case???’  We’ll never know, Harper is now living with Brian Pallister in Costa Rica.. isn’t he!?!

In further economic news, soon to be departed (and living in Costa Rica alongside every ex-Canadian politician), U.S. President elect B. Harry Obama warned Great Brittan this past month that if they left the E.U. and disrupted the TTP trade deal  (Trans Atlantic Trade deal), that they could essentially kiss foreign trade goodbye!
Not a bad deal actually, I suggest Brittan goes the Iceland route!

In North America our very own TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is full of legal gems such as how corporations can sue governments for loss of expected revenue!  Take for instance the U.S. based firm now suing B.C. over the fact that the government stopped a bad deal to export water to the U.S.  This suit is worth $10 Billion dollars and even though the government of B.C. acted on the interests of the citizens and the environment, guess who will eventually have to pick up the tab!

((I think they were both designed by the same people… the TPP and TTP))!

Ironically the U.S. had their own kind of slap in the financial face by Saudi Arabia this April as the Oil rich nation threatened to pull hundreds of Billions of dollars out of the American economy!  This is in direct retaliation regarding all that talk that they were somehow involved in the events of 9/11!

Now really, how is this not an admission of guilt, WTF!!!

So Good People as we say goodbye to April and welcome in May, know that as the days grow longer and warmer and the snakes crawl out of their burrows and dens that the politicians who run the world are puppets!  Those CEOs of corporations such as Monsanto will continue to get rich as we continue to get ever poorer.  The skies will continue to be used as a science experiment to dump all sorts of chemicals on our forests and rivers, cities and towns and our children.  Our Oceans will continue to get polluted and whales will literally choke on our garbage because seriously that’s what I do for fun, litter into the ocean because I am a proud Canadian and think Trudeau has marvelous hair… at least I pay my taxes!

That’s my word to Freedom for now!


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