WTF. Sept 31, 2015

September 2015 has brought the usual changes to Winnipeg, the trees began to change color, the children have returned to school and our cities speed limits have been reduced.

This September also brought with it some interesting new changes to the wonderful world of WAM.  Winnipeg Alternative Media has effectively become split down the middle with one side remaining ‘Winnipeg’ and the new side ‘World Alternative Media‘.  As best as I can describe it both sides are still working together to bring you the best in Alternative media from the ‘prairie truth, level headed’ approach but now the focus will be more tailored on each different side to the individual styles which comprises the core WAM members.

I greatly encourage those who have enjoyed following WAM in the past to continue to do so, only from now on, follow both… Things are only just beginning Good People!

Since this is such a big exciting and bold move for WAM and since change is in the air, I’ve decided to change up the old routine myself!  So as of today my monthly ‘In the News’ article shall henceforth be known as ‘Word to Freedom’!

I began writing ‘In the News’ two years ago to collect relevant news pieces and compile the data to make a comprehensive collection of fact of events taking place within the time frame stated on the article title.  At first I began this venture with every effort I could to report the events without injecting too much commentary (personal opinion) which would turn it into a simple blog.

With advice from other members of WAM I’ve tried to stay as true to this theory as possible and it has worked in general practice but my commentary has always seemed to eventually creep back into play!  So I guess that is what this article has ultimately become, a blogish assortment of ‘WTF’ local and international news viewed from a prairie truth, level headed standpoint; another word to the truth, another path to freedom…

So this is my ‘Word to Freedom’ September 2015.

Blasting off from the Papal Office in the Vatican, Pope Francis made his way on the wings of heavenly angels all the way to the pit of hell itself, Washington D.C. where in one of the biggest ‘WTF’ moments of the month he met up with the Dark Lord himself, the President of the United States.

The Pope who seems to be the ultimate in World decepticons/diplomats swept into the U.N. to deliver a speech where he addressed everything from Global warming to the dangers of global capitalism and growing world poverty.
Along the tour Pope Francis managed to take in some sights and grabbed the opportunity for a couple of select photographic moments in Papal space and time.  Some of those moments the conspiracy sites are now claiming to be a little less spontaneous and a little more thought out by the Pope’s official tour planners!
Moving on-wards and backwards again to the U.N.  we saw a couple of historic speeches take place this past week, besides his holiest’s divine babble.  Firstly the soon to be removed from public office President of the United States Barrack Harry Obama or what ever his name is sprang into the theater to spew some more smooth sounding double speak, where you never know if you should trust a word or cheer to the call of hope!  Mr. Vladimir Putin of Russian that bareback grizzly bear ridding beast; though not a Czar also took to the same podium quickly afterwards to pose the rebuttal against the many accusations Mr. Obama hurled at Russia moments before.

Do you think he knows what he’s doing???

I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling the love between these two gentlemen anymore…
Perhaps the Pope should just give them one big hug!

Speaking about Russia, it appears that they are taking the serious approach to the growing concern of ISIS/ISIL in the middle east.  Meeting with the Leaders of Iran, Iraq and Syria; President Putin surprised his United States counterparts with an accord between those parties to share any intelligence they may have on the current state of the Islamic State.  This move is sure to raise the ire of the American leadership who’s intelligence it aims to insult yet one must question what issue the west could possibly take in relation to the intervention of Russia and it’s forces- military or otherwise against the radical Islamic state???

Russia, today made true to it’s promise of military intervention in Syria and began bombing.  Over the past few weeks reports have been growing that Russia has indeed been building their military might with in the region.  This is really old news as Russia has never backed away from their ideology that removing President Assad (as dictator) of Syria would only open the doors to groups like ISIS/ISIL  in the region as regime change has proven to have done in other places like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others.

The Ukraine who is no stranger to regime change inspired by foreign interests took exception to Russia’s cargo planes transporting humanitarian aide to Syria this month and effectively closed down it’s airspace from Russian usage! I guess this move is related to hostility regarding the recent possibly illegal/legal annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

This is going to prove interesting as these two super powers have clashed over Syria in the past and even when ‘red lines’ were crossed they commonly respected each others interests in the region.  Now with both the Americans and the Russians conducting active military strikes in the same region with similar yet strangely different goals, I worry that somebody is going to eventually step on somebody else’s toes!  ISIS/ISIL appears to be taking all this in stride as they have recently openly admitted their desire to use weapons of mass destruction upon anyone who doesn’t see their unique world point of view.

In other news from the Middle East this month we saw a lot more than toes being stepped on in Hajj, Saudi Arabia.
Over 700 people were killed in a stampede during a holy march where over 2 million people were gathered, a tragedy to be sure!  It now seems that the country of Iran is taking legal action against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over this event with claims of mismanagement and threats of retaliation.  This comes on the heels of yet another tragic accident this month where a crane toppled over killing 100 pilgrims at the holy site.

The migrant/refugee crisis in Europe and abroad (including countries such as Hungry) reached new levels of immediacy this month where boatloads of people continue to perish in dark seas.  Apparently if you try to enter Hungry without the proper paperwork it will be the reporters who trip you up as the border guards step aside allowing you to flee as some migrants/refugees learned this month.

In Great Britain it seems you only have to worry if you’re a Pig at a political party from the sexual advances of the pigs in the political parties.  Not to worry Tony Abbott, nobody seems to want you anymore!

Here at home Islamic Relief Canada, CEO, Zaid Al-Rawni, has reminded us that donations are critical in this situation and any help would be channeled into items such a food, medicine and water.  The political parties and leaders in Canada such as Loyd Axworthy have been busy working out arrangements on how to fast track migrants and refugees into the country, while many differ an opinion most agree upon the seriousness of the situation.

Closer to home in the great U.S of A, where one in four Americans believe a wall should be built to keep Canadians out don’t really need to worry because with a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge being laid every 9 minutes in Canada no doubt will keep most Canadians from entering their virgin country any time soon.
A young boy by the name of Ahmed Mohamed who designed a makeshift clock out of a clock and a box, (the box clock which was mistaken for a bomb) were in the news a lot this month.
Mr. Mohamed was completely unjustly arrested and then released when his bombish looking clock was seen by authorities at his school, the panic continued until it was discovered to be just a clock in a box!  While I appreciate Mr. Mohamed’s inventiveness and disagree with the way this was handled by the authorities his clock in a box does look like a bomb!

Just to be clear Mr. Mohamed was not the individual shot at and killed by a police during a recent Helicopter chase, I repeat he was not shot at by a POLICE HELICOPTER and killed while fleeing the scene!  That story is just not as important as the bomb clock and mostly missed by main stream media this month!
Mr. Mohamed was however granted a visit to the White House by President Obama where he brought the clock… not a bomb… A clock!!!  Mr. Mohamed has also been reportedly given a large scholarship to attend university when he is ready, if he has the time?!

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy was released from Egyptian custody after being pardoned by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi this month.  After spending nearly 2 years in prison for reporting the news through a non government approved agency in that country Mr. Fahmy is no doubt happy to be free and back with his family.  This was quickly pointed out by  Mr. Thomas Mulcair of Canadian political notoriety who commented how relieved he was regarding Mr. Fahmy’s release.  

With the Canadian Federal election quickly approaching Mr. Mulcair, Mr. Harper and Mr. Trudeau (and sometimes the Green Party leader Elizabeth May) have all been busy preparing their political platforms and polishing their campaign shoes in preparation for the big day on October 19/2015.

1WAM NWO33.web

There are some pretty big promises going into this election and I for one have absolutely ZERO faith in any politician or political promise!  You see I vote because I believe it is a right hard earned and I truly cannot complain about the system if I don’t vote!  My belief is the entire political process is corrupt and needs to be torn down and replaced with something new, I am not alone in this as nearly 66% of Canadians recently polled want change yet most of those don’t realize that change will not happen without a complete deconstruction of the present system.  I may get to writing about that before the election if I have the time but first here are a few of the current political parties promises and pledges for this year…
-Harper pledges $10 million to research terrorism, seriously… WTF???
-Trudeau pledges no to forming a coalition government if they loose!
-Harper promises sovereignty and development to the north.
-Mulcair promises minimum raise hike for federal employees.
-Liberals question NDP mathematics.
-Mulcair promises 1.8 billion in new healthcare for seniors.
-Mulcair promises more veteran care.
-Trudeau plans to scrap the F-35 and keep the C-51!!!

So are you ready to vote, do you know what the primary issues are, do you know who the leaders are???  Winnipeg and World Alternative media have both been busy bringing you the latest news concerning this election but we are not alone!  Many other alternative sources have been hard at work compiling all the data necessary to make your choice easier, more informed!  Dan Dicks of Press for Truth has recently come out with many great informative videos regarding our Leaders and their positions on the election scene, I suggest you check it out!!!

That’s my ‘Word to Freedom’ this time around Good People!



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