WTF Oct 31, 15

“Sunny ways, my friends. Sunny ways. This is what positive politics can do.

-Justin Trudeau, October 19th, 2015

I heard that quote and literally said to myself, WTF???  Is this even English, is it French, is it something in-between?  Regardless this is what Justin Trudeau said upon winning the 2015 Federal election with his Liberal Party!  It would seem that the message alternative media has been helping to promote for the last few years, that the Conservative government mentality was fast approaching pathological status might just have sunk in.  Is this a win for Canada, this new Trudeau government with his new Liberal majority and not just a win for Justin???

One thing is certain, the Canadian people did stand up and vote!  They voted on mass as nearly 3.6 million ballots were cast in advance polling stations alone.  During election day 68% of all eligible voters turned out to cast their ballot including a record number of Aboriginal voters.  There were also a record number of aboriginal/indigenous candidates elected to Parliament including the guy I voted for Mayor of Winnipeg  Robert Falcon Ouellette.  Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson, of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, noted the Harper government awoke a ‘sleeping giant’ and created a ‘sense of power’ in our First Nations Peoples.  That along with campaigns such as ‘Rock the Vote’ and ‘Go vote for the change you want’; a change in our collective Canadian political landscape was most certainly attained!

Now as a member of the alternative media universe I will say this… I believe that the Canadian people really voted for a change, we did not just vote for Justin Trudeau or the Liberal party.

We did not stand up and voice our collective opinion so that we could settle for the next best thing or the lesser of the ‘evils’!  No we voted for a new door to be opened before all the exits were blocked, before we moved so far down the road of totalitarian ideology that any change would be impossible.
We voted because we could all see how the previous government was at best trashing our democracy and trampling on our rights as Canadians, at worst simply insulting our intelligence!  As a member of the alternative media universe I will try to not let Mr. Trudeau forget this simple fact, yet I’m not sure that he will really care as long as he gets to collect his new fat pay raise and pension hike!

On a positive note, even though I didn’t vote for the Liberals I am glad for Justin and his family, I like him and even though he just might be another corporate snake I wish them all the best!
I would even say that I think it’s kind of cool that we have a hip, ‘good looking‘ younger PM with nice hair!  Canada will look better for having him as our Representative on the World stage, as
long as he presents himself and us with humble intelligence, confidence and not a massive ego or as a desperate sell out; no Justin we are not looking for something in-between!

Along with the election came the ‘many, many’ election promises from all the parties!  On top of that list in the minds of ‘many, many’ Canadians is Cannabis legalization.  We are not just talking about medical marijuana here my good people but the walk down to the corner 7-Eleven and pick up a gram of weed kind of legal!

Even though Mr. Trudeau promised a quick transition, there are ‘many, many’ issues yet to be worked out concerning cannabis reform such as where, how or if they will even start the process!  Yet even with all the hurdles involved, the Government of Manitoba is eager to start the conversation of Marijuana reform as Attorney General Gord Mackintosh recently affirmed, stating that his government wanted to ensure a safe transition and perhaps benefit from any taxation or ‘many, many’ investment opportunities it might bring to the province.

Although this is appealing to ‘many, many’ people I am more in favor of cannabis decriminalization, this is because I prefer the approach where you eliminate the criminal element while at the same time not handing complete control over to the Federal government!  Considering our government adds 4000+ chemicals into tobacco making it more carcinogenic than the average B.L.T on rye, I suspect they will tamper with cannabis.  They might even breed it into some form of bastard GMO crop turning it into something infinitely worse!

Another hot topic on the campaign trail was the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal!  This secret deal is so dirty I refuse to write about it here because I just washed my hands!

Our New Prime Minister Delegate while on the campaign trail did surprisingly make a few promising remarks concerning changing the present state of our voting system.  It seems that we as Canadians elect majority governments with pitiful low voting numbers, as an example it would seem 39.6% of the popular vote will get you a majority of the seats in the house of Commons like the Conservatives won during the last election.  This fact didn’t escape Justin Trudeau and the Liberals as they promised to take a close look at implementing rules different from ‘first past the post’, new rules like proportional representation.

Unfortunately the Liberals won their majority this month with 39.5%!  Who would like to bet that Justin Trudeau will be parking this idea for a few more years (just like Britain), perhaps hoping that legalizing marijuana will effect everyone’s memory causing us to forget that it was ever even mentioned!  Ahh, who are we kidding, they’ll never legalize weed either!

Justin Trudeau is not the only world leader to be elected this past month as former TV comedian Jimmy Morales, won Guatemala’s presidential election in a landslide victory this past Sunday!  With the mandate to clean up government corruption Mr. Morales defeated the former Guatemalan First lady Sandra Torres! It seems the people of Guatemala are interested in change as well!

On a side note…  In the Ukraine, the city of Odessa elected the Emperor of the Universe himself to a position on their city council.  I’m guessing good paying positions in galactic politics are hard to find since the last Death Star was destroyed!

Regarding former First Ladies, Emperors,  political corruption and elections, Hillary Clinton was in the news this past week as she was again before a House Select Committee regarding the 2012 attack in Libya!  Clinton was also present for the first Democratic National debate held in Las Vegas, Nevada where the top runners for that parties nomination gathered.  Now while I am not a fan of any of the Democratic candidates, the scary part was Clinton and Sanders frightened me the least.

Scream with me now…
The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!!  A popular scream heard from most of the members of any anti Assad military group in Syria this past month, including ISIS/ISIL!  Initial reports from Russian media were that the Air force led by President Putin was targeting only extremist terrorists as they began their extremely effective fall offensive.  Well those reports are true in most regards except for in a country such as Syria the word terrorist is a loosely defined term.  Unfortunately what this means is that they are targeting any and all forces that are attempting to topple the Assad government even if some of those forces are funded by powerful nations, nations with other agendas!  Russia it seems is concerned with stabilizing Syria by removing any and all threats to the ‘democratically’ elected government of Syria, this move even Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is supporting.  Along with the Air strikes conducted by the Russians, Iranian troops are posed to enter into a ground operation in the country, Chinese navy vessels are laying support off some coast somewhere and now for some unknown reason the Iraqis have gone all Russian friendly on us?!?!?

Speaking of the Chinese, apparently if their navy isn’t sailing off the coast of somewhere they are eagerly building new coastlines to call their own, apparently they don’t really care what we have to say or think about that nifty little idea!!!

Russia, although hard at work, trying to making progress at improving their nations image on the world scene since claiming Crimea in the Ukraine as their own beach front property has been again targeted in the downing of Malaysian airliner flight MH-17.  The investigation into the craft which was shot down over the Ukraine by a Russian made rocket released findings to some pretty horrific results.  However as tragic as the incident is there is still no solid evidence that Russia did anything other than supply the missiles responsible to the guilty party, who ever they may be!?!

To his credit, our very own ‘almost’ PM Justin Trudeau stated during his election campaign that ‘if elected’ and given the chance he would tell Mr. Putin ‘of Russian notoriety’ that he doesn’t like his leadership style, or his hair!!!  Even though that statement took some remarkable guts for Mr. Trudeau to say, Canada did not join the group of coalition nations which openly criticized Russia on Friday October 2nd for it’s aggressive actions in Syria.  The U.S. which has been extremely critical over the Russian use of air strikes in Syria was not without their own recent military blunders.  Winning the ‘WTF’ moment of the month the American forces managed to bomb the hell out of an Afghanistan hospital run by Doctors without boarders (investigation pending) and continue to refuse to take seriously reports concerning child abuse by their Afghan allies.

This past month it seems to have been a tough time to be a Prince of Saudi Arabia.  Prince Abd al-Muhsen bin Walid bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud was detained on Monday in Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport in connection to his private plane being caught carrying 2 tons of amphetamines.  Amphetamines possibly popular among the upper class Saudi monarchy and apparently by members of ISIS/ISIL as well?!?!?  Well, I’m sure his Daddy got him off!!  In the States Prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, was arrested in connection to a sexual assault and released on $300k bail.  According to authorities, Prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud is not subject to diplomatic immunity in the case and will face some sort of prosecution!

As October came to a close this year Mexico was hammered with the strongest hurricane on record, hurricane Patricia, making landfall near some popular resorts on the west coast.  Luckily the storm which was fueled by this years El-Nino (or HAARP depending on who you ask) lost it’s strength as it hit the coast proving less destructive than previously feared.  This comes just prior to the climate summit being held in Paris this coming December!  Our soon to be Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau is going to attend that meeting as well as half the politicians in the country because climate change needs to be addressed by burning as much fossil fuels as humanly possible!  God speed Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope your flight doesn’t traverse the Ukraine.

That’s my Word to Freedom,

Happy Halloween!


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