WTF, Nov 31, 15

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
-Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Remember November my fellow frosties, for it has come to an end!  As interesting as this past month was, I’ll admit I am eager to get on with the winter season, hopefully go ice skating and freeze my sinuses with some fresh winter air!

Nothing says I’m alive more than brain freeze without the Slurpee!!

Truthfully, I’m looking forward to winter being over but since I can’t escape the frosty season here in Winnipeg I’ll do my best again this year to embrace its unique charms.  Yet with pleasant average temperatures being recorded this past month throughout Manitoba I can’t really complain about the weather heading into the late autumn months…
So far!

So speaking of charms and complaints, I will begin this monthly word with a few stories concerning our newly elected Prime Misery; Justin Trudeau.  Seriously the honorable Mr. T has proven to be interesting if nothing else since his Liberal Party won their right to govern our country with a cool majority government late last October.
Apparently hooking up with the President of the United States now takes precedent over meeting the Queen of England in today’s Canada, this new political formula neatly explains the protocol which Mr. Trudeau has followed thus far!

To be fair Mr. Trudeau has had a very busy first month in office!

Straight out of the gate he attended the G20 in Turkey where he promised that Canada would continue to make a strong military contribution in the fight on terror all the while upholding his election promises of reducing Canada’s actual  combat role.  It was then during this years G20 meeting that Mr. Trudeau made the historic pledge that Canada would bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year, now just a month away!  This  pledge which was made only days after the terrorist Attack in Paris (we’ll get to that later) may yet turn into Mr. Trudeau’s first real political nightmare!

I guess lofty goals are easy when you look as good as Mr. Trudeau!

Yet he wasn’t going to stop there, traveling to Manila the very next day to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation summit (A.P.E.C.), our new PM was hard at it comparing notes on the Trans Pacific Partnership with Mr. Obama!  Meeting the President of the United states for the first time must have been stressful enough without the added pressure of a secret Trade deal being the focus of the meeting… I wonder if they will even let Justin read the agreement???
The deal which probably would have already been signed if the Conservative government were still in power now rests in the hands of Trudeau and his Liberals!

I hope they scrap the deal as it is literally predestined to cost Canadians Billions and Billions of dollars!


Mr. Trudeau wasn’t quite finished in Manila either, as he promptly used some more Air-miles he had been collecting to jet set off toward Great Britain to meet the Queen.  Upon a Royal welcome Mr. Trudeau and his Family settled in for some tea and a formal meeting with the top Monarch herself where they both fondly exchanged memories of the late Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Rumors are that after telling the Queen how short and old she looked, our Prime Minister was quietly handed a bill for the damages caused by his Father during a wild night at the royal palace back in the seventies!

From there Mr. Trudeau was off to Paris, France where earlier in the month took place a horrible terrorist attack which left over a hundred people dead with many more injured.  Yet even though Mr. Trudeau did pay respects to those events at the Bataclan theater where part of the terror attack indeed took place, that was not the real reason for his visit to Paris.  The Paris Climate Summit is taking place today and our Prime Minister proudly stood there before the adoring crowds and in another fine ‘WTF’ moment spoke these words…

‘Canada is back, my friends… We’re here to help!’

This statement will no doubt ring loud in the ears of those in the Government of Alberta who recently made some lofty goals of their own in the area of Carbon emission reductions while at the same time be felt hard by those that work in the Canadian Oil reserves of Alberta.  I am taking a guess that his statement, ‘We’re here to help’ has something to do with the Billions of dollars Justin Trudeau has promised to help developing third World countries in combating climate change.  Yet to be realistic, all that money will ultimately just bribe foreign governments to reduce their future carbon usage and do very little to combat any climate change which has already taken place.

Perhaps Mr. Trudeau has been inspired by Prince Charles after his recent trip to England, where the Prince of Wales
himself recently claimed that climate change is to blame for the war in Syria!

Again to be fair, Syria is dealing with issues relating to climate change such as agriculture problems associated with drought!  Yet the crux of the matter that faces Syria is a long standing ethic divide regarding the Shiites and the Sunnis and a Government who refuses to co-operate with foreign Oil based interests.

I am going to re-visit Paris right now for a moment! I’m going to talk about the terror attack which happened there this past month, I’m not actually going to visit Paris… I don’t have Justin Trudeau’s Air-miles!
Now as usual the conspiracy theorists among us (myself included) have reviewed a lot of what had happened that night and while as per usual the theories abound, regardless whatever took place in Paris will have lasting repercussions upon people’s civil liberties in Europe and abroad!

Even our own Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau has admitted that his lofty plans to bring into Canada thousands of Syrian refugees will have to be re-examined due to the nature of the Paris attacks.  The event in Paris which took place at several different locations around the city is widely believed to have been carried out by Syrian refugees or migrants from similar middle eastern locations.

Now in defense of Muslims worldwide, they have been gathering in solidarity!  Muslims are attempting to make clear that no matter what rational terrorists worldwide use in justification of their actions, they are clearly freaking lunatics who serve no one but themselves!

Even though I personally have issues with most religions I stand with this movement in its case of identity theft!!

While the people of the World continue to grapple with the problem of the Syrian refugees, Russia the U.S. both remain actively engaged in tactical military missions of their own within that country.  This is a dangerous game as was proven with the downing of first a Russian civilian passenger plane over Egypt, killing 200+ (an attack many believe to be in retaliation to Russian air strikes in Syria) and secondly, the downing of a Russian military jet over the Skies over the Turkey/ Syrian border by the Turkish military.

Russia, who you can bet upon not sitting down for either of these attacks have been presented by ISIS/ISIL/Daesh with a photo of the bomb believed to be responsible for the downing of their civilian plane, they have also begun economic sanctions against Turkey.  Ironically at the G20 meeting this past month in Turkey, Russia who has been largely successful in their military strikes against militants in Syria were quick to present a list of over 40 countries who have links or suspected links to funding terrorist groups such as ISIS/ISIL/Daesh… a list including G20 countries!

I wonder if Turkey is on that list???

Until next time, this has been my Word to Freedom!

Dangerous times, sunny ways…WTF!!



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