WTF, Feb 29, 16

Having lived under the reality of nuclear Armageddon my entire life, I always take the time to stop and smell the proverbial roses whenever the World’s superpowers come close to the brink of an all out war.  Well that happened again this past month and again I paused to reflect that somewhere, someone ultimately holds the power to vaporize everything at the drop of their hat.  So within this months Word to Freedom article I will be exploring some of those events, along with a bunch of other news stuff!

Now I realize that I am not alone in this, we all live under the same man-made threat of instantaneous atomic annihilation!  Yet, after living through a good chunk of the Cold war, I still find myself pondering those unthinkable possibilities almost daily.  Why does this concern me so?  Well for starters with the onslaught of a nuclear war you can forget the relatively petty problems associated with global climate change, economic collapses or even the odd nuclear meltdown!

A full scale atomic war is pretty much the worst thing that could happen to your day.

Thanks to the entertainment industry and our Governments militaristic propaganda I believe that most people think a limited nuclear exchange on the modern battlefield would be acceptable.  The rational that ‘mini’ nukes have a tactical advantage in certain combat situations is viable but once that strategy becomes the acceptable ‘go to’ option the slope will indeed become very slippery.  The U.S. Military is already responsible for using other forms of nuclear weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan, using 286,000 kilograms of DU shells (Depleted Uranium) between 1990 and 1991!

I am afraid that most people have become so desensitized to the effects of nuclear weaponry that they will not stand up in time to prevent their future usage!  I am afraid that it will once again take some horrendous event to again wake people up to the danger… if it’s not already too late at that point and things literally spiral straight to hell.

I can just see it now…  After a limited nuclear exchange, one where we somehow stop ourselves from complete and total destruction some politician comes forward on T.V. and says… ‘Sorry about that’!  Like something straight out of a Monty Python skit!!  In fact politicians are rarely ever seen saying ‘I’m sorry’, it would almost be career suicide admitting that their policies and practices led us to the brink of extinction!
Even in Canada, the land of the eternal apology!!

Yet this is in fact what we saw happen this past month right here in friendly Manitoba.  No not an extinction level event but our very own Premier, Greg Selinger apologized to Manitobans for not doing a very good job!  As refreshing as this might appear on the surface and even though the political record of Mr. Selinger doesn’t account for anything close to nuclear war, this risky move could spell certain annihilation for our Premier come election time.

I can’t wait to see the new Budget Mr. Selinger, I hope it doesn’t come with another ‘I’m Sorry’!!!

If you think the apology from Mr. Selinger was full of shit you might not be alone but don’t worry it’s nothing like the pile of human waste that the City of Winnipeg has left for us!  Thanks to a major sewage spill into the Reddish River, the City is looking into another $4.1 Billion treatment plant upgrade.  If you don’t smell something funny about this I guess you are forgetting that the City just upgraded the treatment system in 2009 to the cost of $300 million…
I guess they should have just gone for broke back then!

Well one thing is for sure, the Mayor of Winnipeg isn’t prepared to call the City broke yet!  Mr. Bowman is hoping that Winnipegers won’t mind the greater than inflation tax hikes to cover the costs for all these maintenance issues our City continuously faces.  I’m starting to think our Mayor believes we are either brainwashed into believing the endless need is genuine or he hopes that the fluoride in our water will fog us just enough into buying all this again!

Speaking of Fluoride, did you know that fluoride is a by-product of the mining industry, a by-product of digging for Uranium!!  Oh and I almost forgot, there is a March against Fluoride being organized by WAM (That’s us) coming up on Saturday June 4/2016, between 1-5pm! at City Hall!  Come on out and help support us in removing this toxic waste and well known neurotoxin from our beloved shared water supply.

Perhaps they can use the savings of not putting fluoride in the water to buy all the underprivileged children in Winnipeg/Manitoba a tube of fluoride toothpaste for life.

In national news, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has completed his first 100 days in office!  According to a website called they calculate that only 20% of his campaign promises have been fulfilled or are in the process of being fulfilled.  Actually 20% is a lot better than I would have anticipated considering the first thing he promised to do when he was elected was legalize Cannabis.

Legalizing Cannabis was a nice dream for a while there, add to that this new vision that the Liberal government in Ontario has dreamed up!  They seriously just announced that University/College tuition will soon be made free for those who qualify!  Before you pack your bags and move to On-terrible for this stellar deal, consider that there are still some pretty big stipulations still attached to this deal!  The biggest issue attached to this deal is that the whole concept is dependent upon the Federal Government making good on election promises!

The economy is always in the news, be it free tuition, the real estate market, Bailouts,  Banking meltdowns or those evil trade deals always lurking on the horizon!  The T.P.P. (Trans Pacific Partnership) is one of my favorites!  Yes the famed Trans Pacific Partnership, a secret trade deal so beloved by the masses that supporting it is almost a guarantee to get you whacked in the head by a flying dildo!

Even though celebrity politicians such as Barrack Obama openly supported this trade deal, hailing the agreement as a victory for all nations ‘especially the U.S.A.’  With bold statements such as putting ‘America first’ (unless you are a cancer patient) President Obama has recently brought into question the P.P. in the T.P.P.!  Even countries such as Canada, who are desperate to sell off everything that grows under or above the snow (including private Canadian Metadata) are questioning the value of this new international agreement!  According to International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, signing onto this deal is just showmanship and any real ratification is still a long way off.

Can you spell Kyoto???

If you are perhaps like myself and do not personally support the T.P.P. and you want to attempt to make your voice heard, I suggest you look up the website TPP Take Action and do your part in bringing this corrupt trade deal to a stop!

Speaking of celebrity politicians….  The American presidential campaigns for both the Republican and the Democratic parties have been in full out no holds barred wrestle mania all month!  On the Democratic side we have Hillary Clinton going toe to toe with Bernie Sanders!  Sanders campaign (the popular vote) is leaking faster than a New York Nuclear power station with his fantasy economics, hoping he can defeat Clinton and her deeply entrenched corporate sponsorship!

Lets face it shall we, the Democrats have been in power for two terms now and it’s going to take a miracle for either of them (Clinton or Sanders) to win the election!  What we should really be doing is keeping our eyes focused upon the Republican candidates and their never ending shenanigans!  This is where the action really is, the Republican race!!  This month we saw Rand Paul bow out of the race, we saw Jeb Bush bow out and we even saw Chris Christie take his cookies out of the frying pan and declare Donald Trump as the best candidate for the job!!!

Wait what happened to the Brain Surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson? Didn’t he get nominated for an Oscar???

Donald trump has apparently earned the admiration of the K.K.K. with their endorsement of his candidacy in the upcoming November 2016 elections, yet at the same time two former Presidents of Mexico have taken the time to publicly compare Mr. Trump with Adolf Hitler!!!  I wonder why???

So with even the Pope out to get Mr. Trump, is there any hope for mankind if he actually wins the Presidential election this coming fall??  Well according to Mr. Trump himself, if elected he will release secret information concerning the investigation of 9/11!  Will this enticing move be enough to sway the conspiracy theory crowd into his fold???

Someone, quick call Mulder and Scully!!

My thoughts are those hidden papers may point towards Saudi Arabia as a funding agent of the 9/11 attacks which is not news (all the terrorists involved were Saudi) but certainly will not point any fingers at the U.S. government… nor point towards any thought of re-opening the investigation into the suspicious collapse of those three skyscrapers!

I also kind of want to see them make a reality T.V. show regarding Trump’s possible Presidency, call it ‘The President’, or ‘The POTUS’ and have a camera follow him around during his mundane hours.  People could tune in and watch him eat his Presidential Wheaties or perhaps he could fire the odd housekeeper at the White house for being an illegal immigrant or something???

My God this has been a busy Month, here let me try to wrap it up…

So, with the continuing conflicts in the middle east growing larger on a daily basis the upcoming election in the U.S.A. are going to prove extremely important for the future of mankind, literally.  Canada has taken recent steps to reduce its active role  of air combat missions over the troubled nations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria while at the same time increasing its land based forces.  According to Prime Minister Trudeau, Canada’s new role is ‘the right thing to do’ and reflects more closely the values that Canadians share!

It is the never ending conflict in Syria I give my award for ‘WTF’ moment of the month!

It was reported that another hospital run by Doctors without Boarders in the city of Aleppo was bombed by the Russians!  The Russians who claim were no where near the area at the time instead pointed out that the U.S. was actively bombing the area as were Turkish forces.  Now this wasn’t the first time a hospital was hit in this conflict, nor is it the first time that each side has blamed the other…  See, this is my point of contention.
How long will it take before another civilian airliner is shot out of the sky and the Russians are blamed even though American missile tests were active and present in the area, or the other way around???

I mean who wants to see another chemical attack that is blamed upon Syrian forces when there are dozen of different groups is the country all fighting each other, some funded by us and some funded by them!?  Who wants to be around when a tactical nuclear strike is carried out by the Saudi Arabian Military or the Turks and blamed on Russia or the Chinese… or the Americans… or other way around!?!

Why have we become so desensitized to the criminality and mindless brutality of war when it ravages all around us, shouldn’t that fact wake us up???

Or is the problem we have yet to actually evolve into a being capable of real sensitivity?

And that’s my Word to Freedom for this Leap day!



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