Word to Freedom, July 31/2016

Welcome Back good people to the July 2016 issue of Word to Freedom.

I am sorry to report that it appears as I’m writing this blog the World Alternative Media web page, worldalternativemedia.com has suffered a Parse error and is temporarily or permanently down!?!  It would seem we by-passed webpage limbo and traveled straight to the fiery pits of internet Hell!!

Kinda too bad we worked at that site for over a year now and cost us a small fortune.
Considering World alternative media and her sister Winnipeg alternative media depend upon donations to keep operating and now both of our webpages are down, we are basically open for any suggestions or blank cheques!

No we won’t sell our souls to the devil… (well most of us won’t)!

We’re down but don’t count us out just yet!  We are always up and running on Facebook and YouTube 24/7!  Thanks to personal WordPress accounts like forestfirepress, this month’s Word to Freedom is still available for all to view.

Remember both WAMs are grass roots and are comprised of just a small group of people who are interested in providing information from a perspective not shared by the mainstream media!  So with this, my next Word I will attempt to guide you down the path of truth, enlighten you to new information and send you further down the rabbit hole to Freedom.


July was a busy month in Manitoba, I personally had an epic time at the Winnipeg Folk Fest this year (I even got a shout out from a band on stage as I was dancing with my devil sticks)! That was cool and no I didn’t sell my soul, lol!

You know who probably sold his soul to the devil, Donald Trump… if you believe those type of things!  Hillary Clinton, probably just gave her soul away, or so claims ex- Republican presidential candidate in the running Ben Carson.  Carson who was speaking at the R.N.C. made the point that one of Hillary Clinton’s self proclaimed mentors Saul Alinsky is also a big fan of Lucifer (aka, the devil from the bible).
A wild statement if you believe these sort of things but from the look on Ben Carson’s face you can tell he does!

Alinsky’s 1971 book ‘Rules for Radicals’ claims that Lucifer was the original radical.  Now if Alinsky and Clinton are both identifying with the concept that one man’s hero is another mans enemy then in the very least Clinton is being hypocritical considering her hand in toppling men such as Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein even Bin Laden.

Ironically I recently discovered a sequel to the novel ‘Inferno’ by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle and quickly bought if off of Amazon.  The original novel by Niven was based upon the infamous ‘Dante’s Inferno’ and I have found it to be and endless source of inspiration for twisted artwork!

Hillary Clinton who this past month was called the lesser of two evils (TLOTE) when compared to Donald Trump became the first Woman to lead a National Party and run for the POTUS.  A very impressive thing for any woman to accomplish and an even more impressive thing for an evil one!  In celebration of that accomplishment many major newspapers across the world printed cover pages with her husband Bill Clinton’s picture on them!  Hillary quickly tweeted to hubby Bill, ‘You did have sexual relations with that whore!!! #NeverMonica.
Ahh, those were unfortunately deleted by Twitter.

Hellary Clinton who is no stranger to internet scandals has been herself accused of using a private server to conduct official government business!  Secret dealings like plans to discuss assassinations or the odd coup de gras’ of foreign governments that may or may not have taken place.  Well we’ll never know now will we!  We are all led to believe that this is all unimportant now in the grand scheme of things considering the FBI has closed the case and dropped all the charges against Hillary regarding her suspect secret e-mails.

It seems to be unimportant to Bernie Sanders who to much dismay of his supporters at the D.N.C. this past month threw his support towards TLOTE herself, Hillary Clinton.  This was a big deal considering that Obama’s own brother is openly backing Trump!
(Oh that wins the WTF moment this month good people, lol)!!!
Apparently there was so much dismay at the Democratic National convention regarding corruption that it got confused with the Republican National Convention.  Not surprising really both conventions this year represented the worst examples of the democratic process!

All of this however wasn’t unimportant to Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, the Russians, Donald Trump and James Bond all of whom share a common enemy… again TLOTE herself, Hellary Clinton.  Wikileaks an organization headed by Julian Assange released thousands of e-mails regarding all the behind the scenes shenanigans at the D.N.C. while the Russians took the blame!  Meanwhile on the same bat channel fellow hacker on the run Edward Snowden has backed the commonly held belief that the Russians are being set up as the fall guys for these leaks, leaks which could prove party bias against Bernie Sanders.  None of this escaped the notice of the Donald!  Trump called out the Russians last week to produce the lost e-mails which would firstly prove they were responsible for the hacks and secondly prove the Clinton’s camp guilt!  Bold Move Trump, Bond would be proud!

In other Worldly news, Turkey was again in the news as a apparent Failed Coup went down under the watch of their infamous President Tayyip Erdoğan.  Remember the President, Mr. Egoman has served time in Turkish prison for inciting religious intolerance has also been accused of openly supporting ISIS/ISIL while at the same time backing NATO.

Now Mr. Egoman who is well known for playing both sides of the fence to gain more political power has been accused of staging the apparent take over by their military.  It seems part for the course really, if you take into consideration the whole ‘one guys hero is the other guys enemy’ analogy and realize that Egoman just might be playing for the wrong team.  Egoman has proven to be a leader of extreme religious principals and the military plotters are those believed to be the moderates in this situation and have been successfully weeded out by this conspiracy.

There was some slippery news regarding oil spills and pipelines this past July.  As many of you may have noticed we are all enjoying low gas prices this summer, at least compared to some previous summers.  Many believe that this is because Saudi Arabia is producing cheap oil and Canada has been eagerly buying it up!  This in light of the disasters on the Canadian oil sands this past winter and spring and the Canadian governments weak response has left many sour feelings in Alberta!  This past month a interesting ad campaign was run in the newspapers citing these very concerns.  Maybe you saw it, maybe not but it was aimed to be provocative but true.

As the oil prices are continuing to plunge the pipelines are continuing to burst, this even though all the economics projections are screaming how profitable pipelines are over other forms of transport. The Government of Canada just last week decided to discontinue using the oil train transport car known as the DOT-111 and replace it with a safer model over the next few years. This however will not end the pipeline debate nor will it address the issue if we will be just importing and transporting cheap Saudi oil or producing our own version and shipping that overseas! Questions, questions, questions!

And to wrap it up for another month I spent some time with my webmaster over the course of writing this article and we managed to save our webpage!!!  So good people, worldalternativemedia.com is back up and running for your viewing pleasure!
That doesn’t mean donations are not appreciated and needed!

And that’s my Word to Freedom for July 2016.


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