Word to Freedom, Nov 30, 2016


Well that was a hell of a month!

November 2016 saw the U.S. Presidential elections take place, we witnessed massive protests against the collective system and we watched as the corporate state struck back!  The past month saw an insufferable dictator die, world financial markets crash and all of our media come under fire for being everything from simple distortions to outright fabrication.

The ‘legendary revolutionary and orator’ of Cuba, as Justin Trudeau remembers him, Fidel Castro passed away at the age of 90 this past week.  Castro who served as dictator over the Island nation of Cuba for close to 50 years was a long time friend of ex Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and apparently left an impression upon the young Justin.

Castro who led a revolution against the U.S. backed government of Cuba in the 1950’s is praised by Justin Trudeau and a few others as being the mighty socialist who brought his people out of bondage and into the light.  The fact that a socialist style system was developed under the Castro regime which lifted Cuba out of their previous darker state of oppression, is no rational for excusing the brutal iron hand leadership for which Fidel excelled!

Mr. Trudeau has since come under fire from Canadians, Americans and Cubans for his remarks and may be the single biggest wake up call Mr. Potato has had yet!  Hopefully he’ll realize that his honeymoon in La la land is over and no hot yoga moves for the camera can excuse for him having poutine for brains.  Let’s hope our Prime Minister wakes up and instead of celebrating Castro actually step up and support the people of Cuba!  Canada and the U.S. need to act quickly and really begin to help the people of Cuba to start picking up the pieces!

Our Poutine Minister was busy traveling the globe this past month, with stops in Lima, Peru, Madagascar and Cuba.  While in Lima, Peru Mr. Trudeau Attended the APEC summit where leaders were gathered to discuss the anticipated collapse of the much disputed Trans Pacific Partnership (T.P.P.) now that the U.S. presidential election has been finalized.  Although, even with the heavy handed approach to his election platforms regarding trade, U.S. President -elect Donald Trump has been quick in recent days to backtrack on many if not all of his campaign promises.

Perhaps the T.P.P. is still a go??

Now I think it’s fair to say that most of the leaders gathered at the APEC summit (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) are going to be disappointed at the failure of the TPP!
I say this because the deal was written to favor the strength of corporate power and the power the corporation has over government.  It can be said that Mr. Trudeau who enjoys spending taxpayers money like it’s his personal trust account was spotted in Madagascar for the summit of Francophone leaders!  Le Justin was apparently wined and dined out, this time with a bill to the tune of $140 million (all for a good cause of course).  This generosity comes on the heels of our $25 million donation to Palestine and opposition party claims that Trudeau is more interested in hanging out with Billionaires than representing the needs of average Canadians.

Now I don’t really have a problem with Canada being generous with the needy but I do have a problem with associating myself with a hypocritical government by nature of being Canadian.  I do not consent to supporting the needs of suppressed nations and groups in the middle east and in Africa while Canada continues to support regimes and governments that condemn those same people to death.

Hillary Clinton, who lost the U.S. Election to Donald Trump apparently did so even though she won the majority of the popular vote.  Not taking the defeat sitting down or sober Mrs. Clinton simply refuses to go peacefully into the night and recently backed a measure to recount the votes with the help of Green Party leader Jill Stein.  Hillary in true political form, who cheated that other guy out of the Democratic Party nomination is quicker to blame Russia or the F.B.I. for her defeat than take any form of personal responsibility!

Don’t worry Hillary, Obama or Trump will pardon your crimes in the name of National security a whole lot quicker than they will people like Snowden, Assange or Chelsea Manning!

Speaking of the Trumpster, he won the election and even after all those recounts is still coming out on top!  As I have publicly stated I only support his election in the face that we cannot sustain another 4 years of the Clinton, Bush, Obama dynasty which has ruled us all of nearly 3 decades!  Trump who is proving himself to be as dirty as a politician as the best of them is with every passing day entrenching himself to continue the policies of the previous dynasty if not for the odd twitch.  With an Administration appointees list mirroring anything but real change, Mr. Trump is seemingly making it easy for us to spot the ideological similarities between him and Hillary.

Perhaps this is because Mr. Trump is, despite his brash personality is himself controlled by the same elite forces that wish to impart their will upon the World?  Or maybe not! Remember Mr. Trump wants to drill for Oil in America and lessen American dependence upon Foreign Oil!  Yet we’ll probably watch as he drills the shit out of nature reserves on U.S. soil and continues to slick his hair with Saudi crude!

Perhaps all the worldwide protests and riots over his election are justified (although not the violence)!  You can be sure that Alternative media will be all over Mr. Trump if he continues to back the same establishment he was elected to flush out!

And then there’s the issue of Standing Rock!  Apart from the native tensions and all the rights and treaties and private property issues involved what makes this white man’s blood boil is the use of unregistered force upon the protesters.  This good people is what we can all expect in the future under the continued Trump, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Rothschild, Soros, Rockefeller Imperial DynastyGUARANTEED!  Civil rights are being washed away by a water hose on a cold November night and all righteous screams are being drowned out by a sound canon pointed at your face!  What will come of this, I fear nothing good as December 5th is apparently the day the protesters are being evicted!

So in conclusion, the World and our simple nation of Canada is quickly sinking into a political mire which muddies boots and generally brings out the worst taste in all things!  As proof to this claim I offer the aroma of the WTF ‘fartgate‘ scandal!  This stinky affair may just be a fancy perfume to cover the real lingering stench of our governments indecisiveness on issues such as military projects, infrastructure, our crumbling economy and political reform.  The idea is our corporate/government media is once again channeling our attention away from urgent matters with petty affairs, hoping that our short fluoride fueled attention spans will never catch up.

If you haven’t figured that out already, I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s all fake!

That’s right good people, everything you read on the internet is fake unless you personally did the research or the science involved with the conclusions!  To be clear, all knowledge based on internet viewing is simply FAKE!  After all Wikileaks, We are Change,  R.T. and Facebook or other forms of social media where opinions posted cannot possible have the credence of a masters degree or any semblance of journalistic or personal integrity. So please fear going to the doctor or dentist, run from that nurse, lawyer or mechanic all of whom depended greatly upon the internet for their education…  Seriously though, Facebook posts a lot of opinions and fake news but it is also a good source of reliable information due to the nature of it’s very design, it focus’ the stream.

So remember the next time you read about a plane crash, don’t believe it… Quickly run out and rent a plane and travel to the crash site to see for yourself if the plane actually crashed!  That is the only way you can be sure the news isn’t fake!

Perhaps more people should have done this in Shanksville???

And that’s my Word to Freedom this month, till next time, Peace!

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Word to Freedom, Oct 31/2016

Here we are at the end of October 2016 in the mist of changing seasons, both environmental and political.  Early next month the great nation to the south, the United States of America will head to the polls and decide which puppet candidate will captain their ship for the next four years.  As you may have guessed the focus of this months WTF report will focus primarily upon the election this November 8th, an election which may be the most important election in the history of mankind.

I make the statement ‘the most important election in the history of mankind’ only because the present political landscape of the entire world is currently held hostage by the political decisions of the United States of America.  I make the statement that the candidates are puppets based upon the undeniable evidence that the current political landscape in the United States of America is a facade for decisions based upon interests which overshadow those of the common government.

I have been following the American election system since Jimmy Carter won the election against Gerald Ford in 1976.  I remember the feeling around the election was one of mistrust in the system, a system where the vice President Gerald Ford became President upon the resignation of President Nixon.  I remember the feeling of fear surrounding where the policies of the U.S. would take the world if Ford was re-elected!  I remember well the conversations (I was nine years old) that Ford who was appointed President only as a default, arising from the offensive framework of a proven corrupt political office would and could only represent the exact same principals.

(A lesson we should look at closely even today)!

This was before a more mature view of the political hierarchy was introduced on mass, before the internet, before people really began waking up to the two party paradigm.  Yes, I remember well the feeling of relief when Carter was elected and war or ‘nuclear war‘ was somehow temporarily avoided for a little while longer.  I have felt this same sense of absolutes every single U.S. election since and have grown to understand that no matter how an election unfolds the same turmoils roll around again by the next one.

Well this time we are facing the possible election of a career politician well versed in the role of government and an entrepreneur in business who in not proven in the political arena.  The problem is both are proven to be corrupt at their preferred games and neither can be trusted with power.  Both are set to replace the incumbent President who is mired so deep in corruption and scandal that any temporary relief from him will be welcome by many.  So as important as this election is, whoever wins is not really as important as people finally wake up to the fact that either side represents the same forces and real change must come ultimately from somewhere else.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party candidate who basically represents everything wrong with the political system since the days of Nixon. She is the system’s pick for President because she is the system personified.  Now at the beginning I liked the Clintons with their easy going southern charm, ever since Bill Clinton defeated the war monger incumbent George Bush Sr. in 1992.  I will also admit I am a huge supporter for the candidacy of a Woman for President, this doesn’t however mean I want to see Hillary win just because she’s a woman.  Yet the Clinton’s were instrumental in my eventual understanding that no matter how good the apple looks on the outside it can still be rotten to the core!

The Republican choice for Presidential candidate is Donald Trump (Trump meaning little fart in old English).  Donald Trump was the surprise nomination considering he was the only one running who wasn’t a politician, yet he cinched the top spot due to his enormous popularity from reality T.V.  Now honestly I have always liked the T.V. Trump and found him to be ‘entertaining’ and however transparent his narcissistic, sexist tendencies are, he represents the capitalist, plain and simple. Now Mr. Trump being the successful billionaire and business person that he is cannot be granted instant immunity from obvious connections to the same establishment that he claims to be running against!

I will admit however that if Trump does get elected they will be dropping the ball big time if they don’t make his Presidency a reality T.V. show!  They could call it “The President‘ and follow him around on his daily mundane tasks (like feeding the dogs or milking the goats), heck he could even fire the odd chambermaid for laughs or have the White-House prep cooks deported for being illegals!  Hear that NBC, I thought of it first… jk!

Okay so enough with the chewing the fat and down to the meat!  With this election heating up, this October was like a stew slowly cooking with a heavy dose of Wikileaks spice.  Wikileaks, the popular non profit publishing organization headed by Julian Assange has been front and center in the news this past month as expected.  Wikileaks has been and continues to release information almost daily regarding Hillary Clinton upon a host of topics concerning allegations of her illegal activity during her past 300 years in public office.  Wikileaks however hasn’t really released much concerning Donald Trump as I suspect his e-mails, servers and accountants are all buried in concrete under a Las Vegas hotel or two!

I mean can you really blame Julian Assange for his rapid fire approach to warning the public regarding Hillary Clinton’s suspected criminal activity while actively/ openly/ willingly calling for his assassination with drones!  I have a tiny feeling that Julian Assange really doesn’t like Hillary all that much and would prefer someone else winning the U.S. election.
Ironically the FBI is investigating Mrs. Clinton upon concerns of their own regarding leaks of ‘Classified‘ information being transferred over non government secured internet servers kept secret by the Clinton crew.  Thousands of e-mails were hacked from these systems resulting in the Wikileaks connection yet the Clinton twist has been to focus upon who hacked them, not the content of the hacks!  As if Bill Clinton wasn’t enough of a problem for Hillary in this election, I wonder if she’s planning on drone bombing him to???

With the election almost here and a fresh FBI investigation into Hillary’s e-mail scandal afoot the world is holding it’s breath if not it’s Weiner because it’s really anybodies game.  The World is really, truly a giant mess right now, even Donald Trump is concerned that even though he is probably going to win the popular vote, he will still lose the election due to the fact that the entire system is rigged.  Well Donald you’re probably not half wrong on that one bud!  Hillary could easily still be voted in with some strange voting machine meltdown or an asteroid strike/ space weapon emergency or the electoral college will just vote her in.
The World is really truly a big mess right now!  With important election issues such as the TPP (supposedly) being held in the balance big corporations are quickly setting the stage for what we can certainly expect in the future.  Take for instance the corporate police force arresting journalists, raining down rubber bullets, releasing dogs and sound cannons upon the water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota!  Bloody hell if this isn’t what we can all expect when we don’t spend our monthly quota on toilet paper from Walmart in 2017!  What in the hell are we going to do if we don’t try to stand up against these absolute fascists and at the very least document it now?

And the winner of the ‘WTF’ moment of the month goes to the Buffalo at Standing Rock, they know what’s going on better than Hillary or Trump!

Oh that’s not all what is wrong with the world today, Saudi Arabia was voted a seat on the U.N. human rights council again, replacing Russia who is still under fire for everything including Donald trump!  So glad a country such as Saudi Arabia is so revered, who dumps the U.S. dollar along with politically challenged China this past month!  Saudi Arabia, who whips atheists into believing in God and tosses Gays at Hillary and money off the roof tops… or is that backwards??

And on a final note I couldn’t just leave you this month without a shout out to our very own pumpkin eating Prime Minister, you know the guy we elected via a proxy vote (not a vote directly for)!  I believe the similarities between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau are fairly close considering both men will have the disdain for their opposition to directly thank for their election, not due to any substance they actually convey!

As an example, this past month Mr. Trudeau introduced a new Carbon Tax upon the nation of Canada.  This new tax went against everything he campaigned for by placing untold amounts of new debt upon the shoulders of the regular Joe serf.  Mr. Trudeau promised to work with the Provinces and work out a deal which best suited the nation but instead went ahead with the typical globalist think tank approach.  I really hope petitions such as the one I came across asking for people to support in Treason charges being applied to Mr. Trudeau come into being before he Drone bombs us!

At least Trudeaus plane didn’t crash on the way to sell off more of Canadian interests in Europe with CETA this past week!  I hate the guy politically but don’t want to see him actually die or anything… I’m not Saudi or Hillary or anything!

Till next time… if there is a next time…

Word to Freedom, Sept 30/16

This marks my 13th monthly article I’ve written for World Alternative Media under the
title ‘Word to Freedom’.  I actually wrote 24 previous articles called ‘In the News’ for Winnipeg Alternative Media but decided to change it up when the new World Alternative Media web page came about!  Honestly I like the new format, which is exactly like the old format except for the title.  The bonus is the title gives me the opportunity/liberty to label specific events I write about as ‘WTF’ moments (‘what the fuck’… if you didn’t figure it out), it’s kinda a gimmick.

Again, I was honestly considering (seriously considering) ending this blog with my last article but September of this year has been really interesting (news wise) and with the U.S. election coming up I’m not sure if I want to stop blogging… just yet.
‘The Thing Is’…
Honestly I kinda enjoy writing for WAM (and creating artwork for it) even though very few actually read my reports!  I guess 82.6% of the reason I spend so much time compiling and organizing information to present is that maybe someone else will become inspired to write for our alternative media site as well???  Perhaps next time I scribble on word-press for Forestfirepress or WAM it will be under a different mantle, one that gives me even more liberty??

You see, in the last couple of paragraphs I was already more honest than Hillary or Donald were in the entirety of the first Presidential debate of 2016 just the other night!

Honesty is a goal which isn’t always easy to attain, which is why alternative media such as World alt or Winnipeg alt are so important!  Both venues try to offer a glimpse of what the main stream media has lost, a drive to present the truth in media as best as it can be represented.  It was evident during the Presidential debate just how dishonest the main stream media has become due to the sponsored and partisan nature of the business.
Is it then hypocritical to ask for donations to keep WAM alive, not in my opinion if the goal remains the honest approach.

So September of 2016 came about with a bang as Space X demonstrated flawlessly with their failed attempt to launch a Falcon 9 rocket!  Another re-usable booster rocket, loaded with a satellite designed and funded by Facebook and it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg who was planning to use the satellite for supplying internet service to parts of Africa apparently wasn’t impressed with the mission’s outcome.  Elon Musk who heads Space X and Tesla motors isn’t letting that stop his enthusiasm, as he this past week announced his hopes of colonizing Mars!  Personally I think space exploration is crucial to the evolution of our species and could perhaps even save our planet from ourselves!

So I applaud Elon Musk for his ambition and vision if not the fireworks!

That is if the Aliens let us off the ground, right???

Canada’s own Super Hero Justin Trudeau was in Hangzhou, China for the G20 at the beginning of the month arriving there on the back of Iron Man himself!  Mr. Trudeau who was representing Canada’s weakening economic outcome managed to broker some 56 trade deals worth upwards of a $Billion!  What the true cost of these deals in Canadian sovereignty or Corporate control over our government is yet to be seen.  We can be sure  with the TPP on the horizon Mr. Trudeau had his head in the clouds right alongside Tony Stark.

According to reports our Prime Minister  took the time to confront the Chinese on their human rights deficiencies while avoiding admitting Canadian shortcomings on the same topic…  Ohhh Gordon Downie Jr. will be sooo disappointed!  Then like a true anti-hero, leaping over tall buildings Super Justin flew onward to the U.N. to plead the liberal fifth and after that returned to Hogwarts!

Yet Mr. Trudeau wasn’t the only politician on the hot seat at the G20, U.S. President Barrack Obama had his own nemeses to face.  China who shoulders much of the U.S. debt with their deflated economy was quick to point out to overzealous American journalists exactly who’s country they were visiting.  The journalists were attempting to leave their designated vantage point at the Chinese airport when authorities stopped them fast in their tracks!  I guess the Chinese don’t trust American journalists, hey I thought there was freedom of the press in China???

It was then that President Obama and his long standing rival President Putin of Russian bear wrestling fame both made kissy faces at each other and talked about vodka and Obama’s upcoming retirement.  Well to be honest nobody is sure what they actually talked about (if anything really, I think they fucken hate each other) because all e-mail transactions between the parties have since disappeared.

Just look at Syria where both the U.S. and the Russians are actively involved in either dismantling or propping up of any number of pro-Assad government, or rebel fractions.  With recent talks taking place to reach an agreement upon who or whom not to arm or bomb the situation in Syria couldn’t get any more confusing (or is it???).  On September 4/16 we saw the super powers sit down to make attempts at working out some sort of a truce deal which by the time September 10th rolled around seemed very promising.  Yet by the 17th of September it seems the United Nations was holding emergency sessions because the U.S. and her allies
(as the reports go) began openly bombing Syrian government forces.

Turkey in it’s own effort to support NATO with its mission fighting ISIS/ISIL and at the same time help ISIS/ISIL combat NATO forces in Syria was busy this past month with reports of military gains in the city of Raqqa.  Turkey who has a schizophrenic history  in the region and conflict cannot be judged to harshly considering recent computer hacks tracked down the headquarters of ISIS/ISIL to the British Government in some London Basement.

literally ‘WTF’!

Then there was the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

Remember those pages in that report recently made public that pointed fingers at Saudi Arabia in taking some of the responsibility of 9/11?  Well those papers paved the way for a Bill which would allow legal action against the nation of Saudi Arabia for the victims of 9/11 families.  One can only assume that the Saudis were pretty pissed because it pushed them into claiming publicly that 9/11 was an inside job!!!  Remember the power that Saudi Arabia has over our North American governments, remember how many weapons we sell them!!!

So considering the Saudis control major political interests in the U.S. they were putting pressure on the U.S. to Kill the Bill.  Apparently Obama afraid of loosing the cheap oil and I guess having the entire 9/11 lie blow up in his face before the Federal election in November put forth a veto on that Bill to prevent it from happening!  Well guess what… This month members from Congress and the Senate blocked the Presidential veto re-instating it to its intended purpose!

Some lies topple like building stuffed full of explosives!

Well it appeared this September that the war for oil has truly moved to our very own backyard.  In Standing Rock, North Dakota, America, US of A where protesters have gathered to protest a pipeline that is running through Aboriginal land.
Well I guess it’s all Aboriginal land but pipelines are none the less an ecological hazard!
If this example of corporate greed is what we can expect with all the pipelines aimed at being built in Canada in the next few years you’re going to see all the Amy Goodman’s of Canada get either arrested or have the dogs sent after them!

Absolutely disgusting abuse of authority!

This leaves us with a quick review of the Presidential debate where Hillary after presumably winning over the Donald using a more cleverly concocted facade than a first date with her husband Bill!  Hillary guilty of god knows how many crimes lied again and again in typical political polished fashion.
She is sooo good at the polish I bet even Bill hasn’t been able to touch her in thirty years!
Trump on the other hand is just as good with making his lies sound like the truth because he honestly believes them, that everyone thinks he’s on coke!

What a crazy time to be a lie… I mean alive…. honesty baby, honesty

That’s my Word to Freedom for September!

Word to Freedom, Aug 31/2016

Welcome back good people to this month’s version of Word to Freedom, Are you Ready?  August 2016 has been a busy month no doubt about it, filled to the brim with stories of Political intrigue, Homegrown terrorism and Racially based riots!  While all of those are tragic in their own right, once our civilization advances Ahead by a century I will remember this past month as one representing something a little more personal.

Along with all the regular comings and goings of the average month in media, August was blessed with the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.  This years Summer Olympics was a spectacle unlike I have witnessed in quite some time.  The Games which were from the very start terribly mismanaged, drowning in controversy and allegations of corruption.  Now that by itself in relation to the Olympics isn’t that new but this summer the games in Rio were more akin (in my opinion) to watching a really bad Spanish soap opera.  Every single day it seemed they were dumping the body, someplace dark and rotten deep in those inexplicable green waters where the helicopters would never spot it.

Oh those Summer Games of 2016!

This story is in its entirety my ‘WTF’ moment of the month, ‘that is’ all the stories surrounding this Summer’s Olympics!  In spite of all the Courage shown by the participants and the great spirit of humanity the games represent, this year was just Fully and completely, Sooo hard done by.

At one point I used to work for Intrawest/ Blackcomb mtn. where for a little shy of a decade we were subcontracted out by the National Ski Team of Canada.  In short I was apart of the team of ski technicians who prepped the Skis and Snowboards for the National team.  I ended up working through the 1988 Calgary Olympics at Lake Louise met up with a little Highway girl and left Whistler just prior to the 1998 Olympics in Japan.  I was actually one of the techs who maintained the Snowboards for Ross Rebagliati, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So that said and done I have always enjoyed and taken pride in the spirit of the Olympics and what it is supposed to stand for, although those times seem to have changed!  In fact I used to be one of those kids who ate their Wheaties while admiring the glowing image of our hero, what’s her name again(?), yes things have really changed!  Now I’m not even really sure what the Olympics is supposed to represent, like a Nautical disaster this year the scandal seemed more important than any athletic accomplishment.

So here’s some of the nitty gritty I noticed…

Celebrating his 50 mission cap Usain Bolt who apparently doesn’t suffer from gender identity issues set more then just the track on fire this year after he was ‘not so much’ caught up in a scandal but openly flaunting his Rio affairs on line!  Way to go Usain, it’s not like Rio doesn’t have enough dirty laundry hanging out for everyone else to see!  In fact I heard they handed out something like 180,000 condoms to the athletes in Rio, I hope Mr. Bolt picked some up.

Mr. Bolt (if that’s his real name) literally defines a Beautiful thing when seen in action on the race track, not surprisingly won the Gold in everything really, really fast!

That’s not all, there were all sorts of high flying acrobatics going on in Rio and not just in the bedroom but also on the race track as Shaunae Miller so skillfully demonstrated.  Miller who was representing the Bahamas won the Gold in the 400m while actually diving through the finish line instead of keeping her feet on the ground.  As impressive as the dive was it did generate some questions regarding the ‘official rules’ because the 400m is a running race not a flying race!  Yet in Rio it seems just like Boots or hearts when it starts to fall apart, it really falls apart.

On the bright side, being awarded the international fair play award, New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin for stopping to help a fellow competitor who had fallen during their race.  It may have been a Long time running but in a display of self sacrifice Hamblin tossed her own chance at an Olympic medal and embodied the real spirit of the games.

Good on her!

So I’m at your house this morning, a little after 9, couldn’t get the Olympics off my mind, for it was in Rio where the Competitions revealed themselves on medal at a time.  It would be cool if there was a town in Brazil named Bobcaygeon but there isn’t, yet there were several Canadians from Ontario who won medals at the games this summer!  Penny Oleksiak 16, of Toronto, Ont. (my new hero) won Canada’s first gold at the games will hopefully forever enjoy all her future nights in Toronto with her 4 new Olympic medals!

Those Wheat kings have nothing on fellow Winnipeger, Chantal Van Landeghem who proved herself a force to be reckoned with as she helped the woman’s relay team win Bronze in the 4×100 relay.  Chantal who is noted as Canada’s fastest swimmer swam like a wrongfully imprisoned felon escaping a prison sinking in New Orleans, ironically Canada’s own Tragically hip were vindicated this past month as scientists finally discovered evidence that New Orleans is indeed actually sinking!

The Olympics wasn’t immune to racial discord either this summer as the famous beach volleyball outfit scandal became the paradoxical ordeal which we all lived to survive.  Nothing like a Springtime in Vienna where the bikinis win gold, at the Summer Olympics in Rio the bikini came in a meager second place.  Wearing the modest garb of their customs which is causing all the rage in France right now, the athletes in Rio donned body wear and stole all the press as the more scantly clad teams settled for the podium.

As bizarre as the Canadian beach volleyball team matching off against the Canadian beach volleyball team (and winning gold) the media was called out on it’s sexist objectification of the female butt.  Instead of focusing on just the girls Butts wiggling the media shook things up by being more flexible in their reporting.  In another sex related scandal the Daily Beast apparently cited the names of several homosexual athletes online.  This irresponsible move placed several competitors in jeopardy as their home countries look down upon such behavior… or bikinis for that matter.

The Olympic sex stories don’t end there my friends, oh no! Ingrid Oliveira split with long time diving partner Giovanna Pedroso after Pedroso became upset with Oliveira’s reported Orgy the night before their competition.  Who could blame her really, after all she trained for years for this event, no not the orgy… Then on the eve of greatness her own diving partner doesn’t invite her to share in the Coconut cream!  None of this is surprising considering the Olympics are famous for athletes getting together and making little athletes, so it is not of the Impossibilium because after all when the rocket is out of the pocket, nothing can stop it!

In related ‘actual’ diving news Canadians Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion who haven’t been linked to any reported orgies did however win a Bronze for their diving skills in Rio.  Both ladies who also won the bronze at the 2012 London games for the same event are not suspected of participating in any orgies there either.  However honestly,  I wouldn’t mind being locked in a trunk of a car with both of them for an hour or two… damn?!?!

The 2016 Olympic games in Rio this year was full of shameful examples of how out of touch the Olympic committee really is.  Caught in a ticket scalping scandal of their own creation the committee proves again that they are unaware that these games are being consistently built upon the backs of the poor proving that their unquenchable greed this Summer is killing us.

The soap opera of these games went on and on…

Hear about the American swimmer who got his teammates arrested for his role in a blow at high dough instance at a Rio night club and later lying to the police regarding the whole event.

Or how about the Irish boxer who got pissed off at the judges (or lack there of) regarding his match and more allegations of corruption??

Then there was the the high jumper so desperate for a medal employed a method of jumping so feared by her fellow athletes defying it seems the Inevitability of death!

So as this months blog comes to a close keep in mind if you go to hell, I will remember you!

That’s my word to freedom for August.






WTF, Jan 31, 2016

Hello Good People and welcome back to another edition of Word to Freedom!  I am hoping that wherever you are reading this article from it’s warm and when you look out your window you see palm trees blowing in the wind and the sun is always shining!

You see, World Alternative Media is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where we are deep into the heart of our winter months.  This year however it has not been so unbearable in regards to the weather and lucky for all those new Syrian refugees arriving in Canada recently, we have only had to endure a couple of weeks of really cold air so far!

I wonder sometimes the true nature of climate change!  Is it only a man made construct?  We are no doubt damaging our environment through the usage of carbon based fuels, polluting the water and air with industrial waste and destroying our forests at an unsustainable rate!  My concern is that all of the above is true, yet lingering questions remain in my head like, are there other factors at play?

Other factors to consider such as natural Solar cycles, volcanic activity and  weather modification programs!  When one generally thinks of climate change we think of the Earth warming up.  We think of the Ice caps melting and our coastal cities flooding, our populations starving, cats and dogs living together and everything else zombie apocalypse.  I think today we have to start thinking of it in terms of extreme weather patterns or events.  Climate change was first introduced to the public using the term ‘Global Warming’ but in the years proceeding the panic stage scientists have found that average temperatures have not risen significantly.


When considering climate change these days you really cannot take any of the contributing factors involved for granted and you have to look at everything which can be done to help curb the process.  Stopping wars and reducing pollution, investing in green energies… Ironically investing in Green energies isn’t the direction that Premier Greg Selinger is backing as Manitoba is gearing up to form a stronger link between our Province and Alberta in terms of developing a bigger/better Hydroelectric grid.  Now I’m not against Hydro upgrades or the ability to sell electricity to the States yet I would hope that the citizens of Canada share in those profits, at least in rate reductions and not the continued increases.

Changing our present path on climate change or any other key issue concerning the fate of Mankind like ending wars,  the economy or our love of materialism and supporting the Corporate State is not going to be easy.  This holds true now more than ever as the economy is in the rubbish bin and giant corporations with thanks to legislation such as the T.P.P. and NAFTA are allowed to sue countries for loss of investment or future profit.  Case in point this last month is the lawsuit being filed against the Government of the United States by the Canadian company, TransCanada for it’s losses in relation to snubbed Keystone pipeline.   Now to be fair TransCanada has invested $3Bilion into the project so that $15Billion should cover the costs!

Speaking of the economy, here in Winnipeg City Councillor Russ Wyatt has officially questioned the Cities ability to afford those fancy new $350,000 armored Police vehicles!  Recently purchased by us the tax payer to help keep our men and women in blue safe, these large expensive bullet proof tactical units are meant to be deployed during crises which require such measures… not runs to Timmie’s!  Well whatever happens to these new vehicles at least they won’t have to put those stickers on the license plates anymore!  MPI (Manitoba public insurance) has decided that as of March 1st we will not be required to place insurance stickers on the license plates of our cars, trucks or minimal usage Tanks!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had a good month at it as our CEO.  Flying down to some tropical Island for a lovely little family vacation is a well deserved break, especially considering how hectic these last few months have been for the Trudeaus.  I’m sure we can overlook that he paid for the trip with the public dime, perhaps he was trying to get away from the growing scandal regarding never to be realized campaign pledges such as legalizing cannabis?  Yes we can forgive him, we all knew that the U.S. (trade agreements) would never allow for weed to be legal in Canada and we can all understand that really after all he wants to legalize it, they are just telling him he can’t!

Well at least if cannabis ever truly gets legalized in Canada at least we have Ex-police chief Bill Blair as the Minister  responsible for the regulation and implementation of any new policies concerning the legalization of cannabis.  This may seem like a really WTF decision but Mr. Blair as hard knocks as he can get is an actual proponent of more logical regulations enforcement of current cannabis policies!

Now I’m not sure that the sales of cannabis would help the economy out very much in any event considering that the Government of Canada is 1.3 Trillion dollars in debt, the global stock markets have plunged and investor groups are advising their clients to sell everything!  Our very own Bank of Canada however remains optimistic and is not going to raise our interest rates as the loonie continues to bounce along!  Perhaps the economy would be helped through the notion of providing everyone with a Basic Income as Elizabeth May suggested this past month, or considering nearly half of the worlds money is in the hands of 6 people (or something like that) perhaps we should be looking at other ways to improve our currant situation.

The Government of Canada has won the official WTF moment of the month by deciding it will not cancel an Arms deal with Saudi Arabia, despite that countries insistence upon using execution for political and religious dissidence.  The deal estimated at over $15 Billion represents the largest arms deal in Canada’s history and would make a lot of corporate share holders really rich!!!   Why are not more people crying foul at the prospect of Canada taking part in this deal, it is not that surprising according to  former B.C. Premier Ujjal Dosanjh considering as he puts it a wave of political correctness is damaging the country through the “silencing of most good white men”!

I mean really, what would Saudi Arabia need with a bunch of new fancy weapons anyways???  Saudi Arabia couldn’t possibly be quickly becoming the new Arabic military super power could they, with air strikes in Yemen and their war on human rights! I thought a country with all their oil they wouldn’t need to wage so many different conflicts!

In other news regarding the Middle East and Canadian policies, Canada was shut out of international talks concerning ISIL in an apparent snub by ministers from the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands!  I guess they haven’t heard that we are Saudi Arabia’s new BFF!!!

American politics was in fine form this month, everything from Militants taking over government buildings to the antics of the Presidential race.  In Oregon State a group of armed militias actually took over a governmental building in protest that the American government basically sucks, We are Change and other alternative sites are covering the story and doing a great job!  We must always hold our representatives in Government to high standards, standards such as Oregon Fire Chief, Chris Briels does!  Briels who resigned this past week after discovering FBI agents posing as militiamen and was told to back off by his superiors when he tried to investigate the matter.

Yes, False Flags are only a product of the conspiratorial mind!

That’s my Word to Freedom. (since it’s only the 21st I may add to this article as the rest of the month plays out)

WTF, Dec 31, 15

Happy New Years!!

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

With the new year already ticking away I want to welcome everyone to my first official Word to Freedom post on World Alternative Media’s new Web page, a place where it will never get dull!

Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way 

I apologize for posting this article a little late, my intention was not to fritter and waste your time, this was not done in an offhand way!
I just wanted to wait till our new web page was up and complete!

Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town  Is always fun!
If you call Winnipeg your home town, you will be interested to know that this past month our Police services purchased a fancy new military style assault vehicle!  At the cost of $343,000 the new armored vehicle will be used in instances of crisis negotiations and tactical operations!  The expense was justified using risk analysis established through recommendations from the report on the 2014 Moncton, N.B. shootings.

Even though this is the winner of my ‘WTF’ moment of the month, we have to keep in mind that Winnipeg is not immune to these types of things.  With examples such as the 2015 standoff on route 90 it makes it hard to dispute the need for Police safety and preparedness!  Let us not however paint the picture with such a broad stroke of the brush, the last thing Winnipeg wants to see is a heavily armored assault vehicle rolling up on their front lawn because someone’s smoking some weed!  We have to continue holding police to a high degree of accountability and standards, considering crime in Winnipeg in not rising as fast as the costs of the new police headquarters ($135. million +++)!

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.  Something which has never been a issue when it comes to our new Prime Minister, The honourable Mr. Justin Trudeau!  Canadians by in large approved of his first few weeks in office but this trend may prove temporary as Liberal promises are beginning to fall off the podium.
For starters we can look at Justin’s first official scandal as Nanny gate flooded everyone’s news feed.  After claiming that he was to rich to accept child care payments from the government, Mr. Trudeau quietly snuck two nannies in the backdoor.

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain  Mr. Trudeau is becoming a real pain.
With election promises such as electoral reform spearheading his fall campaign Justin is now under criticism for favoring changing our current system of F.P.T.P. (first past the post) with something closer to The first Galactic Liberal Empire!  By creating an environment that the Liberal party would then even have to deny changes in the electoral system would favor the present majority government, Mr. Trudeau is effectively ruining any positive notions that electoral reform such as Proportionate Representation could have in Canada!

You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today  As long as you aren’t caught smoking that wacky tobaccy!  In light of election promises concerning cannabis reform in Canada the Liberal government is now preparing the average cannabis user for the bad news that it’s not going to happen any time soon!  Apparently of all things to throw the wrench into the gears of positive change we have things like Global treaties to deal with!!!  It comes as a shock that the Liberal Government would make promises such as cannabis reform without first consulting their lawyers in maters of how this would effect things like Global Treaties, wouldn’t it?!  Apparently Canada has already signed onto treaties which prohibit our legalizing weed, nope, never saw that coming, lol!

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you  You will find it is more like hundreds of years in the case of the sour relationship between our countries First Nations and the Government of Canada!  Mr. Trudeau has made it a goal to improve those strained relationships and will forge ahead with a total renewal of that relationship!  Now with the long list of campaign promises being swept under the rug by the Liberals like the T.P.P; we can only suspect that this latest promise to the First Nations will come up short!  Big promises such as these are nothing we haven’t heard before Mr. Trudeau and pale in comparison to real actions taken… Running water would be a better place to start in many of those communities, instead of running your mouth!

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.  Well someone heard the starting gun and the message that it is time for Canada to pull its troops out of the conflict in Iraq and Syria was delivered to Parliament hill.  Canada’s new Minister of Defense, the honourable Mr. Harjitt Sajjan this past month made the announcement that the end of our combat role in those areas is coming to a quick end!  As of today however our combat mission is still in full swing as Operation Impact has not slowed down, I wonder if Mr. ‘Bad Ass’ this is just yet another Liberal mouth piece!?

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking  Just like our country’s economy!
I’ll admit that economics are not my expertise when it come to terminology like negative interest rates ???  These terms in my simple perception sound pretty ominous, or are they?  Not according to the Government of Canada!   With food prices at the grocery store in jeopardy of exploding like a North Korean H-bomb we all better brush up on our economics or our farming skills!  To make matters better we here at WAM are fortunate to have on board a real economist, Check out John Sneisen at The Economic Truth!

Racing around to come up behind you again  A campaign strategy seemingly employed by Donald Trump.  The 2016 Presidential candidate (R) Donald trump, you know the guy who keeps putting his foot in his mouth has been officially invited for a lesson in humility from our very own Mayor, Mr. B. Bowman!  While I applaud the effort by our Mayor in jousting I would personally be careful opening up the City of Winnipeg’s business reputation up to the scrutiny and ire of Donald Trump… at least till after the election!

The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older  And still paying taxes!  Taxes which will be going up this new year in one way or the other, no matter what political party promised what!  The Liberals are not ruling out a higher sales tax proclaims our new beloved Finance Minister, Mr. Bill Morneau.  Blaming the economy, our finance Minister avoided the regular old rhetoric of diversions and lies and dove straight into the obvious!

Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.  This is something most of the good people of China are feeling this month as heavy Smog and pollution levels are hitting record breaking heights!  The terrible infliction of man made pollution upon our Earth is a dreadful and most serious thing which is why the Nations of the Earth got together this past month at the Paris Climate talks.  This conference of Nations no doubt came to the eventual agreement to curb carbon emissions by taxing everybody more and keep working together to pollute the Earth in the most profitable ways!

Every year is getting shorter; never seem to find the time To create a safer more secure homeland!
That is exactly why 2016 Presidential candidate (R) Ben Carson wants to deploy National Guardsmen to the Canadian border, as reported by the National Post.  Now this may indeed seem like a good idea to keep Americans from flooding into Canada during the next economic collapse but in essence will probably work against Canadians wanting to go shopping in the States or visit Disney World.

Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines  Explains how most alternative media sites keep operating, that along with donations… hint!  Please check out Dan Dicks at Press for truth as he examine some crazy events happening out of Turkey and the Middle East this past month.  Feel free to donate to his cause, because his cause is our cause… or just donate to us and avoid the middle man!

Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way  Considering our banking system the way it is, we as Canadians may soon be tumbling amidst terrified screams.  So as we end 2015 we can all take comfort in the fact that the bankers are still making a killing and governments are still doing some killing, while other governments are still trading with governments who kill!  Not much has changed in 2015, lets hope for real Change in 2016!

The time is gone, the song is over   Yet will live on, and on, and on!

Thought I’d something more to say.  Ironically, I do, the past month was crazy with news but for now unfortunately I’ve run out of time, hope to see you again next month!

And that good people, is my Word to Freedom… this time.

WTF, June 30, 16

Welcome back good people to World Alternative Media’s very own monthly news recap, Word to Freedom!

With the start of summer we say goodbye to the month of June and jump into July, eagerly anticipating all those warm summer days ahead.  Summer always brings with it many activities and rituals which we all enjoy, things like warm evening walks through the the Forks, backyard barbecues or camping at the lake.  The average persons list of summer time rituals would be extensive but we all have them, in fact for me every season is filled with dozens of crazy old habits.

I intent to kick off this months blog/post by diving straight into the coveted ‘WTF’ moment by reviewing an extremely odd ritual which took place last month in Switzerland for the opening of the new Gotthard base train tunnel.  To be sure the simple feat of drilling under a mountain range to create the world’s longest and deepest tunnel is a great accomplishment!  It is truly an engineering marvel which should be celebrated yet it is the manner in which that celebration took place that is coming into question.  Something which should have equated to a simple grand opening event for politicians and the media literally presented itself straight from the pages of a Superbowl half time show with all the bells and whistles!

Now events such as this Gotthard base tunnel opening strike me as a ritual event not meant for the innocent eyes of the general public!  Now why would anyone hold such an grand spectacle for something as mundane as a train tunnel and who would even conceive of such a thing?  Secret societies who generally practice ritualistic ceremonies such as the well publicized Skull and Bones club and gatherings such as the Bohemian Grove have existed since the dawn of time, one cannot argue this point.  Could it be that the tunnel opening was conducted by a secret society and carried out with intentions of a ritualistic ceremony and if so for what purpose!?!

I have myself looked into the rabbit hole of paganism, druidism, rituals of sacred magicians and sorcery…
I have also a good understanding of most world religions and a grasp on sciences such as physics, nuclear mechanics and psychiatry so I understand some of the finer ritualistic points.  I would even go so far as to say I have a good comprehension of the role that a secret society can play in the manipulation of modern governments using economic strategies created in the corporate boardroom!  What I don’t completely understand is the role of the secret society and the usage of ritualistic ceremony in things such as the Super bowl half time show and now obviously in its usage for things such as the Gotthard base train tunnel grand opening!

What’s next, President Obama will be ritualistically sacrificed by Donald Trump under the Washington monument and everyone will simply brush it off as the passing of the Presidential torch??

Do these guys really believe that the Sun God RA will embody them or their cause with supernatural power so they will be better able to control the masses?  News to you fellows, humanity is already easily manipulated into herd mentality through the nature of our limited energetic resources in gathering attention and no amount of spilt blood will garnish you favor amongst the gods!  Just ask the freaking Aztecs!

Yet secret societies are still surrounding us, they think they control us and our fate through their control over economics and the political arena!  President Eisenhower and President John Kennedy both openly warned of the reality and dangers that these societies posed!

Take for instance the yearly event that is Bilderberg!  This year the Bilderberg meeting (an openly secret society comprised of world elites who gather and discuss political and business agendas) was held in Germany and was ‘surprisingly’ not covered by the main stream media.  This however didn’t stop the regular alternative media crews from attending and attempting to crack any information regarding the event.  Canadian and high commander of Press for truth, Dan Dicks was literally harassed by the German authorities as he attempted to simply browse among the many fleeing attendees.  It’s too bad that the Germans who are no strangers to overly authoritarian rule showed little backbone in resisting the corporate vise and blindly followed their masters orders, much to the bewilderment of Mr. Dicks!

My advice to those ‘regular’ alternative media folks who are finding it harder and harder getting coverage of this event… Wear a disguise!

Here’s the thing, the grip of power that is held against us by corporate and political forces is real, many do not even realize that the European Union was formulated at a Bilderberg conference many years ago!  This past week we saw Great Britain hold a referendum pondering the question of leaving the E.U.  Many did not want to split with the Union which I guess has its advantages, yet the majority of people in England voted to leave because they realize the economic and political hold that the E.U. holds upon them.  The spin you may have heard is that the people of England voted to separate because of immigration and racial issues, I know a few who live across the pond and their word is they are simply more awake than the main stream media represents.

Keep in mind for a moment that the same media which controls the spin is also operated by the corporations and political leaders which hold economic interest in keeping the E.U. together!  These same corporations and political leaders are also attendees of the Bilderberg meetings and are by default members of a secret society!
Who would have thought?

Many do not realize that the European Union makes it’s decisions on policy behind closed doors, it is not a democracy and its leaders are chosen not elected.  The outcome of such dealings will always be public discord and lead directly to situations such as the Brexit vote!  This was not a small event on the world stage to be sure and it was no doubt a hot topic at the Bilderberg meeting!  The Brexit referendum even spelt the doom of a fellow Bilderberger, the PM of England, David Cameron.  Cameron who is leaving politics can take heed that his popularity rivals ex-Canadian PM Stephen Harper!

With the exit of Great Britain from the European Union other European countries are now stirring the same political pot of reform!  Many more nations under the E.U. banner have now openly voiced their own desire to leave!  Countries such as France and even Germany are now stepping forward and demanding that their governments follow the lead of England.  France has this past month undergone some serious riots that some are calling a revolution brought upon by political unrest so serious the mainstream media blackout is almost absolute!  These countries and now some U.S. States including Texas and Hawaii all deserve the right to be independent and free of such complete and utter corporatocracy!

So will our very own Canadian leaders take notice of these world events and not themselves skip on down the path of corporate rule, that is yet to be seen!?!

Come on, of course they are all bought and paid for!  This coming week we’ll watch as Canada and Mexico and the good old U.S. of A. three amigo circus march hand in hand further down the road of the North American Union!  The President of Mexico and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau are already eagerly at the dinner table feasting upon juicy Canadian prime rib which will now soon be processed and sold to Mexicans by Mexicans!  Outgoing U.S. President Obama will attend the meeting, I guess for the extremely expensive meal and a much needed hug!

Canadians should be more aware considering that Prime Minister Trudeau who promised to legalize Cannabis and reform Canadian election rules also promised not to continue down the road of corporate control!

Yeah, good luck with that eh!

So much more to discuss from this past month, from the morally questionable arms sales between Canada and Saudi Arabia and the failing economy to the ever escalating gun violence in the U.S. and how these events are being manipulated into forming public opinion in an alarming ritualistic way!

Unfortunately I am simply out of time!

That’s my Word to Freedom for June, 2016!
Happy Canada Day!